Queen Bee
Queen Bee
7 Reasons Why Women Are Not Empowered And What You Can Do Now To Change This Phenomenon
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In a survey conducted by the American Management Association in 2011, from a pool of 1,000 working women, they found that 95 percent of women interviewed believed they had been undermined by another woman at some point in their careers.

In another study by the University of Toronto from 2008, of 1,800 US employees, women who worked under female supervisors reported more instances of physical or psychological stress than in the case of those who worked under male supervisors.

Queen Bee is a compelling narrative by Bonnie McDaniel, the founder of the Women Are Talking Initiative, examining the real issues surrounding women helping women and the impact it has on women’s empowerment.

In Queen Bee, McDaniel considers those issues embodied in seven disempowering habits practiced by women, and she provides a framework through which they can begin to adopt good practices in order to grow and occupy their true places of power in the world.

McDaniel also shares effective tools for women on how to master the art of living and working in harmony with each other, while at the same time getting what they each want and deserve out of life. It is a turn away from modern, pervasive adversarial attitudes among women to one of women working together in a spirit of cooperativeness and supportiveness in order to finally achieve that higher and empowered goal.

On May 3, 2013, McDaniel brought together one million women from thirty-four countries to host a first-ever Women Are Talking virtual global conversation using AT&T technology and social media to discuss their views and experiences on this topic.

It is a gift for our mothers, daughters, sisters, and friends with a message of hope for what is already ours. Open your hearts, minds and hands to receive it!

Queen Bee is an honest discussion about women and who we are. Whether you are sixteen or sixty, you will be able to identify with some element of this human condition. This book is not meant to placate, but it is intended to be raw, revealing and plain in its approach. It is intended to say out loud the things that are the truth about most of our opinions about other women; that most of us are uncomfortable around women who are prettier, smarter, taller and more accomplished than we are.
In essence, Queen Bee is an attempt to bring about healing among women in order to allow each of us the privilege of being able to forgive ourselves and the women whom we affectionately refer to at times as our sisters.

It is is a gift for our mothers, daughters, sisters and friends with a message of hope for what is already ours. Open your hearts, minds and hands and receive it!

Bonnie McDaniel is an author, television contributor, the editor-in-chief of Recipes for Good Living magazine, and the creator of the Women Are Talking Initiative, a virtual global space where women can gather to share resources and experiences in support of one another. She is also a former editor for Family Digest magazine, a syndicated columnist, and a current freelance writer for Harris Publications.

Bonnie is married and has two children. She loves to cook and spend time in her garden. She resides in the Washington, DC, metro area.

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