For the Record
For the Record
The Book of Rock n' Roll Afterlife
Perfect Bound Softcover
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For the Record contains the channeled thoughts, impressions, and first-person accounts of experiences in life, death, and beyond in the artist’s own words. They each include some insights that can help us navigate the challenges of our own life journey.
The comments presented may challenge your fundamental beliefs about God, death, heaven and hell, and how the universe really works. We urge you to approach this unique information with a mindset that is open to the possibility of what if?
Twelve of music’s most iconic figures channeled
• life lessons learned,
• death and transition details, and
• spiritual insight that they want to share with you in detailed description in their own words.

For the Record, Volume 1
Why am I here? What’s my destiny? Am I on the correct path? What happens when I die? Throughout history, man has focused on such questions. Many seem rhetorical without a definitive answer. This book is designed to help you open your mind to new and unfamiliar possibilities.
The purpose of this book is to illustrate-through anecdotal accounts-how spirituality relates to reincarnation, pre-incarnation, “contracts” with the Creator and messages delivered into the earth plane to propagate unconditional love and insights about the teachings of The Way.
So…who volunteered all this insightful revelation? Mother God-Jehovah Eloah Va Daath-personally selected the contributors and provided the introduction of the book. She chose twelve of music’s most legendary artists to tell their story with one simple directive: tell your truth from the heart.
Each chapter contains the channeled thoughts, impressions and first person accounts of the artists’ life and death experience and beyond…in their own words.
The comments presented may challenge your fundamental beliefs about God, death, heaven and hell and how the universe works. It provokes thought and reflection on the profound and simple Divine Truth.
Some readers might regard this material as “gnostic” (defined as “hidden or secret knowledge”) or “mystical” (defined as “Divine Truth that comes directly from God to selected recipients”). We leave that label determination to the reader, but we do urge you to approach the information with an attitude of ‘what if’. This question has the strength and power to change your life by prompting you to change your mind-a little or a lot.

Deborah has been on a lifelong quest to gain spiritual insight and understanding while trying to make the world a little bit better each day by being of service. As a child, she had numerous encounters with spiritual entities—both visually and audibly. She had the ability to see the aura colors around most people, but soon realized that not everyone could see what she was seeing. With no mentor or outlet to help nurture her abilities, she backed off and let her gifts go dormant for a while.
In 1995, she joined the Divine Way of Life Center group, founded and led by a very spiritually gifted man named Dusty Lobb, who became her mentor and spiritual teacher. She received her anointing when she was installed as High Priestess of the Divine Way of Life group in April of 2009. The intensity of her training and mentoring was escalated in the two short months between the pivotal events of her anointing and Dusty’s sudden death in June of 2009, at which time the members of the group elected her as his successor as director of the Divine Way of Life Center.
She always had a close connection to Mother Mary and others in the spiritual world; they are a constant source of protection, guidance, and inspiration in her current work in channeling, teaching, and writing songs and books.
The first departed music artist to make a connection with her—three days after his helicopter crashed on August 27, 1990—was a Texas blues guitar legend. He contributed a chapter to this work. Her abilities revived and have been gaining in clarity and higher levels of energy frequencies since that time. She channels weekly at Divine Way of Life as well as in personal sessions and public events in Houston, Texas.


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