Magnetizing Unlimited Abundance
Magnetizing Unlimited Abundance
Road Map to...Ensure That Life Gives YOU What You Desire!
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Attract What You Want With Magnetic Force!

Inspiring, motivating, life-changing inspiration and guidance are here! Use this clear road map to wholistic success. Seeing the whole of all things is what Brynda does well. Start with the workings of your own thought process, and see massive changes quickly.

Easy Steps that Work

Balance theory with practice as you follow the easy steps, chapter by chapter, and begin magnetizing unlimited abundance in every aspect of your life. You apply the effort, the universe grants effectiveness!

Magnetizing Unlimited Abundance

Inspiring, motivating, life-changing inspiration and instructions are here! You have waited a long time to figure out HOW to turn your intentions into your reality or turn your thoughts into form. Finally, the 7-step Process is outlined here in Magnetizing Unlimited Abundance which will guide you step-by-step in materializing your every wish, dream, desire -you name it. It can be yours once you learn and apply the Process!

Attract What You Want With Magnetic Force!

Use this clear road map to wholistic success. Seeing the whole of all things is what Brynda, a Wholistic Wellness coach and Successful Entrepreneur does well. Start with the workings of your own thought process, and experience massive change.

For a closer look, lets peep into an except from Magnetizing Unlimited Abundance.


Let’s cut to the chase by asking a pointed question. Do you honestly believe that you are capable of training yourself to magnetize unlimited abundance and deliberately manifesting exactly what you desire in life? Are you thinking about it or do you have an answer? Of course the answer is…yes you can and actually, you have already successfully done it countless times before in your life; you just aren’t aware of how you did it. The purpose of this book is to show you how to work with the energy produced by your thoughts to create powerful magnetism. With an emotional charge, this magnetism will draw things into your life in the fastest, easiest way possible. Thus, you will be capable of magnetizing unlimited abundance.

Let's agree from the very beginning, that if your desires do not come exactly when you expect them to, then you must realize that having them at this particular time is not for your highest good or purpose. However, they are on the way. By tapping into the unlimited abundance of the Universe, you can magnetize exactly what you desire and that which will contribute to your highest good in life.

To magnetize abundance into one's life is:

1) To have crystal clear clarity of a specific desire that one would hope to experience purposefully or intentionally

2) Render heartfelt petitions to the Infinite Supply of All That Is

3) Set into motion a concise plan of action

4) Live as though it (your desire) is already in existence

5) Share your magnetized abundance with others as a blessing from the Universe.

It is in my opinion that wishful thinking and prayer alone may not always magnetize abundance into ones life. The parable of Matthew 25:14-30 and the counsel given at James 2:26 confers that we as individuals have been assigned the responsibility of co-creating our own reality.

Deliberately magnetizing abundance is to ask for, work for and be in readiness to receive - as opposed to asking for and waiting to see when and if one will indeed receive what was asked (as in the illustration of the slave who put his master's talent ($) in the ground only to have it taken away from him).

Deliberately magnetizing abundance is to receive exactly what you asked for as opposed to receiving a random blessing - both are blessings and answers from the Universe… only one (the one you purposefully set into action) is deliberate.

The more you work with the process of how to Magnetize Abundance, as taught in this book, the more you learn about its richness and simplicity. I have found the process to be effortless when playfulness, imagination and creativity are included. The process becomes complex only when we over-analyze whether or not we are doing it "right." The best results come from having fun with the process and trusting that whatever is best for you will come to you at the appropriate time. It always comes … it is a Universal Law that it must.

Always remember that you are the source of your abundance. You live in a limitless world and anything is possible. This book will help you learn to train your thoughts in setting up the model of what you intend to manifest. You will learn how to energize your thoughts with emotion to catapult them from your inner world to your outer world and into reality. There is no limit to what you can magnetize. You will gain confidence in your ability to magnetize whatever you desire and you will be prepared to manifest in ways far beyond your wildest dreams.

Brynda is a metaphysician with a master’s degree in metaphysical science, a doctoral degree in philosophy, and a multitude of certifications. Brynda feels it is a privilege to share her transformative process for living an outrageously abundant life by attending her unique FunShops or following the simple steps in Magnetizing Unlimited Abundance.

Brynda feels honored that she has been inspired by the Creator to write Magnetizing Unlimited Abundance. It is apparent that Brynda’s true passion is helping others excel beyond their wildest desires and dreams. Glean from Brynda as she shares personal experiences and how she overcame self-imposed limitations and perceived obstacles. Prepare yourself to be gracefully escorted on your journey to break through barriers of which you may not have been conscious. Experience reaching your destination, see how Having It All Without Limits can fit in to your plan. Are you ready to stop struggling and start Magnetizing Unlimited Abundance?

Brynda resides in the vicinity of her hometown, Washington, DC, where she enjoys being married to her soul mate, cherishes her beautiful daughters and her adorable, loving grandsons. She hosts a TV talk show called The Wellness Zone. Clients and protégés know her as a wholistic wellness coach. Those whose lives she has changed call her The Modern-Day Muse.


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