Shatter Shame and SHINE
Shatter Shame and SHINE
Transformational information and guidance for women silently struggling with their issues of childhood abuse, pain, or trauma, and for those who think they are not.
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Insidious and hidden shame is a visitor that inhabits people who were victims of abuse, whether they realize it or not. The transformational information in this book brings to light, with positivity and compassion, where that shame hides, how it can direct your life, and how you can shatter it in order to discover the real person underneath it all. In so doing, your inner life’s aim is free to live on purpose and with passion allowing for dreams to come true.
I remembered the smell of alcohol, the groping hands, the fear and the helpless feeling that over took me when I was being molested when I was a child. I remembered the terror that would take hold when I realized I was alone in the house with him. I remembered hiding and dodging and being outdoors, most days, in order to NOT be in my house. These experiences created the way I saw the world; my default mode of living was being formed. When I became an adult I remember quite clearly the day I decided to end the crazy default living that being sexually and verbally abused created in my life, and chose to change - to take on the help and become the magnificent person I was meant to be - just like YOU! You are magnificent, too! This is not a book about just being a survivor. Oh no! This book is about you finding “you” and thriving! To thrive in life, and not with a label of ‘survivor,’ is what will carry you to your dreams. “We are not what happened to us, but we are what we choose to become,” said the Swiss psychoanalyst Carl Jung. Did you even know you have a choice? What happened to you opens a way to discover and overcome your limitations; for what are the alternatives? We are all energetic, spiritual beings wrapped in human clothing. Our individuality is what helps make the world go round. Although all cut from the same cloth, we each experience life in a unique way that can either create a wave of hope and love in the world, or a tsunami of fear and doubt. What I share here in this book is a little about my life and a lot about what makes life work better for those of us who were victims of abuse, trauma, or pain in our growing-up years. My goal is to create a tidal wave of hope, love and positive change for those who resonate with what I share on these pages. For over the years it has become no secret to me of the secrets people hold in their hearts of their own childhood abuse. So many millions of women and men suffer silently with their inner-life having been contorted into shapes that were never meant to be and yet, they seem to resign to living in a mode of mediocrity. Many not realizing that their past is orchestrating their present life and on into the future, automatically and by default. What I intend to do in this book is to touch on the ways in which you can transform your life. It is my delight to bring you joy! My intention is to give you an express ticket to the You you were always meant to be by providing you with insights into the mind, knowledge about the brain, and some helpful tools to assist you in getting free of the beliefs and habits that have limited your authentic expression up till now. No matter what age or walk of life, there comes a time when we are just plain ready to make changes and move on. I believe the fact you are reading this, indicates your time is now.
Maryalice Coleman is the creator of the Change Your Aim Change Your Life workshop. An inner life coach, mentor, and workshop leader, her passion, compassion, and effectiveness in supporting women around the world to heal their lives and fulfill their dreams, springs from her own profound recovery from the pain of childhood sexual abuse and the effects of living by default. From that she has created a mantra: Live on purpose, not by default.In addition to her university degree in applied psychology, Maryalice has an extensive background in the literature and processes that promote personal development. She also stays current with leading-edge research into neuro-plasticity and the brain’s capacity to outgrow limiting patterns that developed in response to trauma.Through formative experiences, a lifelong pursuit of personal growth and development, and twenty years of facilitating support groups, mentoring, and coaching, she has created a process of compassionate, empathetic, and focused coaching. Her in-depth workshop, known as the Living Room Effect, helps educate and inspire women from the inside out, leading to dynamic, transformational personal growth and development.Maryalice currently lives in Portland, Oregon, where she finds delight in painting, reading, decorating, designing, and engaging in continued self-growth. She enjoys spending time with her children, their spouses, and her grandchildren whenever possible, affirming that her friends and family are her utmost blessings.

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