Living With Messages from Heaven:
Living With Messages from Heaven:
A Guide to Conversations with the Beyond
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Living with Messages from Heaven: A Guide to Conversations with the Beyond will enlighten you while awakening your soul’s connection to the beyond.

Psychic Mediums in today’s millennium connect to this channel of information through their own uniquely developed skills of intuition. People who work in this profession have a need for ethics and must be aware of the grand responsibility connected to this work.

You will learn the parameters of this work as a ‘job’; what a Psychic Medium can do for you; and how to go about matching up with someone who is ethically and divinely connected.

When you become aware of your spiritual development, finding someone to help you tap into that intuition is a blessing. Manifest now into your life a positive outlook with a greater sense of understanding. Use this guide as a resource to Modern Day Psychic Mediumship.

Living With Messages From Heaven:

A Guide to Conversations With the Beyond

Chapter 1

An Introduction

I am in a constant state of learning and discerning. In no way is this book my end-all opinion, however, it does reflect, quite clearly, my current standing on issues related to the term “psychic medium”. I am a psychic medium; at least this is what I call one aspect of myself. There are a lot of words to describe what it is that I do. For example: prophet, seer, gypsy, fortune-teller, clairvoyant, reader, oracle, channeler, intuitive, etc. I have heard some call me an evildoer, bad witch and other not-so-pleasant names. I do understand that, where there is a fear of the unknown or strict religious foundations, the unpleasant terms could arise. With a clear explanation and understanding of what I do, I hope to educate those who do not understand what the millennium perception of the words ‘psychic medium’ means. I hope to convey what a sense of joy and peace surrounds the whole term.

Know up front that I do not teach just one technique; I teach no new modalities. The gifts and abilities that a psychic medium has would not fit into one small box or one simple definition. This book is not a class, or a lesson; it is an awakening of the awareness that there is a connection to the beyond. This book is not an instruction manual as much as it is a resource of truths and beliefs, guidelines and information. Even though I have taken many classes from a variety of resources and even consider myself an expert in some areas, I commit myself to the belief that there is not one specific way to connect to your intuition. The ways are limitless. I am a psychic medium so I am guiding and mentoring others along their paths to enlightenment with every client I connect for. That is a big responsibility and one that I have learned to grasp onto as I have become more experienced in this field of work. I know there are many of us who are on that same mission in life while guiding others in the way of their soul. This book will share with you more in-depth information in that area. I believe that all modalities are already within our gifts and abilities as they resonate with our souls. We were born with the gift to connect to Heaven, to information, to our loved ones who have crossed. That ability lies within and always has. It is more a time to awaken to that realization then to analyze the idea of it. I present myself as a guide to others to open up and then to guide themselves within their own gifts. This is an area where Spirit dwells, God is present and there is no judgment.

There are many aspects to the term psychic medium. I believe, first and foremost, that being a psychic medium is a gift for our human experience; it is a spiritual connection. It is not, however, my only reason or explanation for my gifts. Religious experiences and mystical forces have great influences on my opinions however, it does not end there. It is a strong connection to energy, free will and science, all connected to consciousness, experience and open-mindedness. It is knowledge and education, memories and physiological experiences all connected together.

The title “psychic medium” goes beyond just the words…………

Chapter 9

The Ability – In Terms and Definition

Beyond this being a gift, it is an ability that must in some way be connected to the human body. As a psychic medium, people often ask me if I can teach them how to do this. Can I teach you? Yes, I know I can. Should I teach you? That may be, but I do not have a specific ‘how to’ manual and no process I ‘teach’ will completely give you the grace and ability, discernment and energy to do what I do! Faith is all you need to do what I do; faith and a ‘just do it’ attitude. We can all connect to this gift as an active ability within our daily lives. It is our right as a human body which contains this soul to be able to connect with God. In doing so, there are many ways which we can physically use our mind to connect to that information our soul is receiving.

We are all human and have this ability naturally. When I say this, it is a very open-ended statement. There are many techniques, modalities and processes I have learned. I was curious. I knew God so from there, I had quite the religious foundation but I wanted more understanding. I still want more understanding. Back 18 plus years ago, the library was the only place I could find information to satisfy my curiosity. Times have changed a lot in the course of a few years. There are now degrees available in parapsychology,

metaphysical studies and more. There are 1000’s of books on every New Age subject, with more on the way. I believe the access to information has expanded through the Internet. Holistic centers are worldwide with a rotating and expanding awareness for all who explore what is being offered. Even Oprah Winfrey has offered information to the general public, resulting in an opening up of awareness in society. If you talk to any teenagers, they know TV shows like “That’s So Raven” and “Wizards of Waverly Place”, Disney shows which depict the afterlife and psychic impressions in each show!

Here I will describe, in my own brief definitions, a list of general ‘abilities’ I have and use. Also listed are some common terms I have heard and come across, which people associate to this metaphysical idea of psychic mediumship. I am not trying to list all words; there are many missing. Synchronicity always brings us down paths to learn something new. Some of these abilities listed below I have gone to school or classes to learn; in others I have even been certified. Some are abilities I have discovered I had naturally, while others I worked hard to achieve proficiency in through research and study. As you read this list below, notice how many connections you have to the words. Do you feel how you can understand these definitions in an acknowledging way or an accepting way? As a human, we all are connected to each other and Spirit. In turn, we are all connected to the intuitive, psychic, spiritual intuition that we own through our soul connections. These terms are stated as a way to introduce and awaken those gifts you already have an ability to achieve……………………………………………….

Chapter 27

How Should Someone Prepare For A Session With A Psychic Medium?

Before a session: When the decision is made to embrace this connection through a psychic medium, it is important to remember that although they do not have the control to give you all that you want, there is a sense of trust needed. You need to trust that what comes through for you will be the result of God’s blessing on you to receive what is for your highest good. With that said, you can prepare for this encounter by opening up your energy and focusing that energy around you, so that you may be read more accurately. If you are open, the connection is easier. One way which I suggest to be in alignment for a reading is to take a moment to write down your intentions for the session. Put it down on paper. There are some great ways to help bring more guidance from the human being receiving for you. Having those human traits, like the ego and self interpretations which are unique to us all, we all interpret differently. Here is an example of how you can prepare a sheet of questions or topics. This also includes the mention of loved ones in spirit……………………………………………….

Chapter 29

Needing to Have Life Experiences Without Intuitive Help

There are other reasons why, other than my own inability to read someone, information may not come. This ability has the limitation of free will. We all have free will and I will not receive for someone if it is not meant to be for them to know right now for their highest good. The timing may be wrong for the person...

Rebecca Anne LoCicero has been working within the New England area, nationally and worldwide for 20+ years as psychic medium. “Messages from Heaven” her main presentation involving direct, divine and accurate “readings” for the people from their loved ones who have died. Rebecca has an exclusive and unique way to present her messages. She is bold, brassy, honest, loud, outgoing, accurate, hysterically funny and full of joy! She will entertain you and touch your heart as she talks about her connections “here and there” and the passageways in-between.

“If your dead people want to get a message to you they will find me! When we cross over, we retain our free will and our personality and messages will reflect who we truly were! Get ready! You will laugh, cry, scream and shout. It will be soul fulfilling!” (r.a.l)

Rebecca Anne often refers to herself as a “one of a kind” as you never know which outrageous words or references she will bluntly convey to her audience. Clients easily associate to the way she shares the information with honesty to what she is receiving in real world expressions. Currently her presentations are being held in a variety of locations including national comedy clubs such as “The Funny Bone”, holistic centers, lecture hall, and expositions as a headliner presenter and more. She can be heard in Massachusetts (WRSI, The River) and throughout Connecticut on mainstream radio monthly as the guest psychic. Blog Talk Radio is the internet radio provider for her personal show. She has appeared on “Better Connecticut” and numerous other local access channel shows.

Her reach goes beyond that as she is a three- time published author and the owner of The Beyond Center, her home base and private office. This is where she teaches classes, holds smaller presentations and groups, produces The Beyond Newsletter, and hosts her own internet Radio Show.

Rebecca Anne is also proud to work as a tested & certified medium through the Forever Family Foundation for the last 8 years. Being in this line of work allows Rebecca Anne to work side by side with many special gifted people. She has lectured alongside motivational speakers and healers *However, Rebecca knows, and is confident, that her reputation stands on her experience and accuracy in this business and knows she can “rock that spirit world” without “associations” to others! “The dead don’t care about your social status; they just want to share their unending love with those still here.” (r.a.l)

I have had the pleasure of meeting Rebecca Anne and her personality shines through in this book! She is vibrant, full of energy, compassionate and so real! The book is a great insight on what to expect, what to be careful of, and what to expect from yourself. No gimmicks or generalizations - this is the real thing! Once she engages you, you can feel the healing begin!
Barbara Stambo 
I have had a few readings from Rebecca and I still today have those emailed readings, I read them quite often and reminisce the reading, She is so powerful in giving a fantastic reading, I bought her book a few years ago and sat and read it giving me inspiration. She is real for sure, I thank you Rebecca for all you have done for me.
Donna Ray 

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