The Sun, the Moon, the Stars and Maya
The Sun, the Moon, the Stars and Maya
a collection of little sayings about enormous things.
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The Sun, the Moon, the Stars and Maya is very different kind of book, in a unique format and richly textured with over 90 full color original illustrations and is one of those truly rare books that can be enjoyed equally by a child and a grown-up and most of all both a child and adult together.
This book will surprise and delight you and your family and makes the perfect gift.

Our lives are bombarded with things that can take us away from the special connections we are capable of. Each of us has the ability to demonstrate love, compassion, gratitude, and generosity. We can choose to live our lives by the Golden Rule. We can make time to appreciate the exquisite construction of our planet and experience the joys of nature. We can look toward the star-spangled heavens, appreciate the velvet silence, and draw peace from spirituality. We have the ability to find beauty in simplicity, and we can marvel at the complexity of what, at first glance, appears deceptively simple. Many of us have just forgotten how. In today's busy, electronics-oriented world, dominated by distractions, special effects, and noisy shoot-'em-ups, simple earth-based spiritual and moral issues have been effectively obscured from view and buried in the smoky haze of the fiery explosion of computer-generated images.

The Sun, the Moon, the Stars, and Maya was created to help families discuss important issues with their children. Illustrations of Maya, the Shih Tzu puppy muse, in complementary settings, accompany bits of wisdom relating to spiritual and moral issues. Notable quotations are the inspiration for Maya's simple-language lyrical interpretations meant to evoke awe and wonder in all things and capture the imagination of the child and the child within the parent. Access to downloadable hi-resolution downloads and audio readings online and so much more are also granted with your purchase.

"It's better to fail in originality, than succeed in imitation." -- Herman Melville

Doing what you love to do
using the gifts that were given to you
offering what you can contribute to
that very important part in the
where, the what and the who

being like everyone else
isn't the reason
that you were put here on this earth
there will be a time come into season
to honor the uniqueness of your birth

and let your voice then be heard
as loudly as you can shout
sing your melody, songbird,
originality is what its all about

for each time you express
what is uniquely yours
the whole world you will bless
and hear the opening of many doors

As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being. It may even be assumed that just as the unconscious affects us, so the increase in our consciousness affects the unconscious.
- Carl Jung...
didn't we know that we would go off course
it seems
obvious extremes this unnamed force
awareness may display
our inner voices should obey
and changes we covet can happen right away...

Rich spent his professional life in various corporate positions. At 6 years old he was the youngest member of the Art Students' League of New York, and after many years and diverse careers, he now devotes his focus to creative passions. Having lived a lifetime studying many different ancient spiritual belief systems, he was inspired to action when a new little puppy, Maya, came to town. Rich lives in Connecticut with his wonderful wife, four cats, lots of other animals and of course, Maya.

A very special and thought provoking book with wonderful illustrations. I highly recommend it. Mr. Okun is extremely talented in prose and paint. I am buying more copies to give to friends and family. We should all be so lucky to have a Maya in our households.
Sandy Michaels 
If you want a magical experience, buy this book and read it often. I have never seen a book quite like it. Everything expands the concept in such a way as to make you a part of it. I read several of these to my son at bedtime, and instead of lulling to sleep we ended up having a full discussion about fear and how to deal with it. It allowed him to reveal that he was being bullied in school but he never felt that he could bring it up to anybody without feeling ashamed. But it seems that Maya, has some magical tricks up her sleeve and made it alright for him to tell us before something tragic happened. I am going to buy this book for every parent I know as a Christmas gift. Buy This Book!
Andy Wiel  
I bought this book for my 2 girls age 5 and 8 on the recommendation of a friend who was raving about it. When it arrived I was mesmerized by the colorful illustrations of a beautiful puppy in all kinds of situations and places, and then I was drawn to the rhyme. Once I started to read it, I found my thoughts expanding and thinking about things that have been absent for many years. I felt like a child opening my gifts on Christmas morning again – My girls fell in love with Maya, and we asked Dad to join us during our evening readings to share thoughts and experiences. I feel like this book has brought us together like I remember my old family dinners used to. I am so grateful and happy to have found it.
Mary Johnson 

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