Finding the Silver Lining in Divorce
Finding the Silver Lining in Divorce
What to Do When "I Do" Turns into "I Don't"
Perfect Bound Softcover
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When my husband and I were divorcing, the only thing we agreed on was that “he did not like me and I did not like myself.” Twenty-four years after saying “I Do,” I said “I Don’t.” That decision propelled my on a spiritual, healing, mystical journey that continues to enrich my life. Healing during and after divorce or any trauma can be very challenging, even when you know it is in the best interest of everyone concerned. I wanted to figure out why I chose this particular person to marry, and how to make a more educated choice in the future. Those thought systems led me on a healing, self-discovery journey. After my ex-husband spoke through a medium and said, “Sign up on the internet for your book,” I decided to follow his advice! My wish is that this workbook will be a road map on your journey to empowerment.

Stress is the number one reason for doctor visits. Take a look at Louise Hay's HEAL YOUR LIFE to see what your symptoms are saying to you. EMPOWERMENT THROUGH DIVORCE will help you have a direction for your life once you have decided that you want to make lemonade out of lemons. Divorce Recovery can be challenging but it is possible. The 71 self care tools listed in this book will give you a place to start on your path to Nurturing the Garden Within. Best Wishes on your Journey.

Kendra Hurd is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in private practice in Springfield, IL. Ms. Hurd is certified by Harvard Medical School’s Clinical Training in Mind/Body Medicine—a recognized field of medical research and practice that studies the effects of stress on the human body. Finding the Silver Lining in Divorce has been and continues to be a personal journey for Kendra, which she utilizes in her 22 year counseling practice to help others heal.


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