Finding a Soul Mate with Astrology
Finding a Soul Mate with Astrology
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Finding a Soul Mate with Astrology helps you learn to use astrology to guide you to an individual who is an ideal match, who is in tune with your very soul. Use astrological insight to more fully express who you really are, thereby enhancing your attractive powers. In reply, the universe can then match your true vibration with the gift of a soul mate.

In learning about your full astrological chart, you increase your awareness of who you were born to be. In pursuing your own fulfillment, you radiate a powerful energy of attractiveness, and draw those toward you who most fully match your true nature. Finding a Soul Mate also helps to increase your understanding of your relationship needs and those of potential partners, thereby assisting you in making your partnership work.

Your journey to a soul mate starts here!

Finding a soul-mate is easier than you think! This book will give you a method and system to work with in order to do just that. And believe it or not, there is even a formula, which will be revealed to you below.
The matter is really quite simple. It is simple because the universe works in a particular way; there are spiritual laws governing its operation. The most important law for our purposes can be summarised as follows:
The universe is a huge vibrating energy system and you attract people and things into your life based on your energy frequency. When you are vibrating at your highest level, totally in tune with your real self, you easily attract the perfect partner for this particular stage of your life.
The question then becomes, how can I reach my highest level of vibration, and how can I become my true self? To some extent this is a lifetime’s work, as we are all on a journey of spiritual progress and growth. However, life has given us a wonderful tool in which to learn our true nature more easily: this tool is astrology.
Forget the simplistic twelve-sign columns you see in popular newspapers and magazines. Such columns have their place as a very broad and general system of divination, but they are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the real knowledge astrology has to offer you.
The astrological chart is a highly complex map, totally unique and personal to you, laying out your inner dynamics. It is a fascinating world of personal exploration, and if you work creatively with the knowledge contained within it, you can expand and improve your life immensely.
One of the greatest gifts of astrology is that it helps you understand who you really are. The most successful relationships are based on two adults coming together as equals, each fully themselves and able to exist without the other. When each person is being true to themselves and their nature, they are able to relate to another in the cleanest possible manner.
Being happy with yourself, feeling that you are on the road to fulfilment, that you are able to express yourself as you really are, is the absolute best place from which you can conduct a relationship with another human being. Astrology helps you align with your true self. In this state you are in the perfect position to receive the abundance of the universe. Such abundance includes a loving relationship; a soul-mate.
Astrology also has a great deal to say on what you need in a relationship. Thus, in addition to providing invaluable wisdom on your own path to fulfilment, it also suggests the sort of connections that will please and honour your being. Whilst part two of this book will concentrate on your own nature and needs as shown by astrology, the third part will consider what your chart might say about your requirements of a relationship.
Part four will conclude the process of finding a soul-mate, bringing all the knowledge you have gathered together so far and discussing how you might then attract in your perfect partner. It will also discuss questions such as whether relationships last forever and whether you can be happy without any partner at all.
We can now summarise the formula for finding a soul-mate:
1. Become as happy and fulfilled as you possibly can be through using astrological knowledge
2. Understand your real relationship needs as shown by astrology
3. Collate your knowledge and call in your soul-mate
Sounds simple, doesn’t it? It is! – if you are willing to do the work and follow the guidance that you find.
Throughout the book you will also be encouraged to consider your intuitive guidance, and pay attention to any signs and symbols you receive from the universe. Life is a rich, unfolding and quite magical journey, if you let it be.

LAURA ANDRIKOPOULOS is president of the Faculty of Astrological Studies, one of the oldest and most prestigious schools of astrology in the world. She is also a tutor at the University of Wales: Trinity Saint David, running the 'Sky and Psyche' module for their masters' degree.


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