The Keys to Unity
The Keys to Unity
Unconditional Love
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Love is our driving force in life.

Unconditional love is the purest form of love. This level of love connects us to Unity, the oneness of creation.

Imagine what a wonderful world this would be with unconditional love of Unity between us.



Unconditional Love of Unite is something we all want to reach in life.  We already give love and feel love, but unconditional love is the purest form of love, and that level of love is the kind of love that give us complete fulfillment.


The Keys to Unity has nine keys to follow and each key has nine keys within each key, a total of, eighty one keys.  Each key will bring you one step closer to complete unconditional love, the love that is connected to the Unity of oneness, the energy of our universe.

The more we love unconditionally the closer we get to Unity.

Imagine what a wonderful world this would be if all mankind would surrender to this Unity.





Let us all bring more unconditional love into our world.  and together we will have unity.

Anne has a unique perspective on people due to her experience as a hairdresser, fashion designer, and the work she undertook to get a degree in social services. Specializing in these professions has given Anne an understanding of the inner self and the outer self, and how one reflects on the other. All through Anne's life there have always been questions about love and unity, and two years ago, she got this message from a dream. From that message, she felt that she needed to write this book, The Keys to Unity. Anne lives in Toronto on her own in a beautiful condo. She also has a son and grandson who live in Italy.

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