The Grand Illusion
The Grand Illusion
and 20 Habits of Spiritual Transformation
Perfect Bound Softcover
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"It is VERY good. Fine piece of work. I have edited many books but this is the only one that has the jewel and the lotus and the muddy pool all in harmony.

Rings true throughout my spiritual mountain climb and resonates with the ones whom I noticed were ahead of me.

This is a handbook for people who have been round the track a few times. Blessings, Douglas. "

–Author, teacher, healer, Douglas Buchanan.

This book is the account of one person’s journey from a crisis of devastating emotional pain to an experience of profound joy and peace. It is about the discovery of those workable principles that, when applied, always permit a return to an experience of inner peace, love, and the pure joy of existence, despite the ups and downs of “real life.”
At first, I thought I should write this book without reference to my own experiences. It seemed too self-absorbed to talk about my life, and uncomfortably revealing. But as I reviewed what I had written without including the process that led to my realizations, it seemed that something important was missing.
It occurred to me that perhaps my own difficulties, and the solutions that had worked for me, might actually be the most useful thing I could write about. It seemed clear that they must be universal experiences that other people could relate to as well. Maybe describing what had gotten me out of my hole would help others out of theirs.
The book’s title—The Grand Illusion—is the phrase that occurred to me as I was trying to describe the mass of negative emotions, thoughts, and false beliefs that keep us from experiencing our natural state of love, compassion, kindness, joy, and connectedness to life.
This book is about the path away from this “Grand Illusion” of suffering, and into the light of joy and contentment. The path has been made accessible and understandable as 20 habits which when practiced in daily life will bring about spiritual transformation. This book is an introduction to the Spiritual Laws of the Universe, which exist, just as gravity a the speed of light do in the physical universe, without regard to our opinions or judgments. I invite you to test the workability of the principles in this book in your own life.

Artist, musician, author, Christopher Speer, set a goal for himself as a teenager to uncover the spiritual laws of the universe that he felt sure existed, and if aligned with, could end suffering.

Several decades later, after several transformative experiences which he describes in The Grand Illusion - his book fulfills that goal.

The principles described in this book gave me the ability to access the thing
I had been searching for my whole life – my connection to my own internal
wisdom. These principles and tools gave me the ability to let go of my self-
created prison of uncertainty, confusion, sadness and victim-hood.
Once I released those things, a state of love, happiness and responsibility
became the norm in my life. The information provided in this book, while very
straight forward and practical, contains gems of truth that will be of value and
can lead to amazingly transformative experiences to anyone who decides to read
and apply it.
Quinn Gleeson 
I just finished reading "The Grand Illusion", and I am impressed. This book contains universal truths and wisdom. It is an empowering self-help book which I recommend to anyone who is a seeker.
Judith Steiner, LMHC Psychotherapist Certified TIR & LSR 
"I have read the Grand Illusion and it is incredible, life-changing stuff. Much of it resonates with my own life's journey, It feels as if your book has filled in a lot of the gaps, pieces of the puzzle now really fit in. Can't tell you how illuminating the book is and I am recommending it to as many people as I can."
NLP Practioner, Reiki Healer, Essex Healers Association, EYP. 
"I thoroughly enjoyed Chris Speer's book, Grand Illusions, and felt at times during reading it that I was right there with him in his discoveries. To those involved in creative pursuits, Chris has clearly isolated the very things which can block progress and for this I give great thanks. Without being dictatorial or preachy he has created a path toward greater success and fulfillment which any reader can explore and come back to in times of need.
With appreciation, Laurel"
“ It is a truly fine book, it definitely delivers everything it promises on the back cover. True seekers will find what they are seeking here… a clear path to their inner Self and guide lines for following it. Anyone fortunate enough to find The Grand Illusion will be blessed, enriched, comforted, inspired and challenged. The Grand Illusion will NOT go on the shelf with my other inspirational will be on my coffee table or on my night stand within easy reach, as accessible in a sense, as its content.
Love, blessings, and gratitude!"
Shirley Buchanan, Reiki Master, Body Talk Practitioner. 
"Christopher Speer's spiritual journey is outlined in this seminal work. It invites the reader to explore their own pathway, by a stimulating and enthralling account of some of the author's life and experiences. His insight and conclusions strike a chord with the seeker. His 20 habits of transformation offers the practitioner an ordered pathway. Quotations of avatars past and present, lace the chapters and embrace the subject matter. A must volume for the library of those who seek or who have entered the stream."
Laurence Chetwood Biomedical Scientist UK retired 
"Chris Speer’s book ‘The Grand Illusion’ is a tour de force.
If somebody of great nous and character spent decades searching for meaningful and beautiful answers to the great questions and for ways to bring those answers to bear on the difficulties as well as the triumphs of our lives, they might want to write a book about it.
The Grand Illusion is that book.
The love that Chris has discovered to be at the heart of all our stories and the source of all meaningful solutions, comes shining through.
We all are different, that’s for sure, but there is so much here, such a variety of ideas, approaches and discoveries, that everyone will find multiple ways of approaching their goals and desires as well as dissolving any roadblocks in their path.
Wherever you are in your life, The Grand Illusion will support you in achieving your next step and help you help others do the same."
Paul Humphrey, Painter, Graphic Designer, Illustrator. 
Per aspera ad astra
Karl Johan 
“The Grand Illusion is a record of one man’s search for Truth, Knowledge and Understanding. Author Christopher Speer shares with us all that he found on this journey.
He describes the Universal Laws that we all need to be aware of, to awaken us, to find out who we really are and question the Center from which all comes - to ask the question WHO AM I?
A book of substance and refreshing shared experiences with sign posts to assist on one’s personal journey.”
Yvonne Palese, RN, BS. Holistic Wellness Consultant. 
This book has helped me so much.
Unlike so many others I have read it took me to the important subjects easily and concisely.
It was painless - I didn’t have to wade through unnecessary malarkey to get to the juicy stuff.
Anyone seeking enlightenment should read this book.
Victor Alvarez, singer, musician and bandleader.  
Reading this book is like listening to a piece of music where you don't want to miss a note.
Petra Babankova - Classical Guitarist 
"My greatest teacher once told me that books “will find you when you most need them”. I was definitely ‘in need’, becoming lost in a forest of spiritual help guides and youtube outakes.

Having been raised without much spiritual awareness at all I discovered Reiki around the age of 30. This is where my spiritual journey started; I questioned everything around me…

The process of spiritual growth coupled with significant life events was difficult to understand at times and I sought explanation through the teachings of Ramtha, Tolle, & Esther Hicks. All authors struck a chord with me but the difference with The Grand Illusion is that it echoes them all.

Upon reading it became a ‘manual / reference’ document that I can depend upon. In actual fact the author Christopher Speer’s own spiritual journey paralleled my own so much that the text felt ‘familiar’ throughout the chapters and the first half of the book.

In addition the second half of the book (20 habits) will remain my collective reference point encompassing my favourite books so far.

An essential read & support for the blossoming soul. Namaste.”
Lee Riley, Reiki healer.  
Great Book....whether you are just beginning on this path or have been active for a while there is valuable insight...the 20 habits alone will help keep one centered in a world that can seem insane....I pick a different habit each day...thank you Christopher for sharing,,,
john warnes 
This book is appropriate for anyone who wants to become more spiritually awakened and aligned to universal fundamentals.
It was what I needed as I had undergone massive changes in my life – some of which were positive and some challenging. It gave me new ideas for transforming my thinking and feeling my best.
In a way, it was like an update to my internal spiritual operating system!
Although I have carefully reflected on each word, I look forward to referring back to these truths often.
A spiritual masterpiece!
Michael Wright, pharmaceutical company sales manager. 

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