Raising the Energies of Mother Earth towards and after Ascension 2012
Raising the Energies of Mother Earth towards and after Ascension 2012
The Highest Truth
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Mother Earth is ascending. Raising the Energies of Mother Earth Towards and After Ascension 2012: The Highest Truth explains that Earth can no longer exist in such negative energies. Her body is crumbling, and her spirit is broken. Yet there is hope as she moves into a new age; we are awakening to the truth of the universe that it is built on love alone.

We now have a new chance to build a future free of war, religion, and the illusion of separation from God. The Great Cosmic Council brings forth the highest truth of the universe through the channelling of author Victoria Cochrane in a bid to expel the fallacies that we have come to believe. They tell the truth about creation, our oneness with Creator and the All, and of how our life here on Earth is the way our souls learn the lessons we have chosen to learn for our spiritual evolvement.

The Creator-Of-All-That-Is

Wisdom is not written. Wisdom is just known. It comes from the ages. It speaks the truth. We know what we know because we have lived it. We have seen it for ourselves.

Knowledge comes from our Creator, who knows all there is to know. It is freely given to us, and is to be used with our free will for the highest and best intentions. Creator loves us unconditionally. There is no room for judgement and condemnation, for the very essence of Him is love. That is all there is.

You can feel him in your heartspace. He is in every part of you. Every breath that you take is at one with the Creator. Nothing is separate from him. He has never left you and he has never stopped loving you.

This is the Highest Truth. Let no man tell you that God does not love you or that God will strike you down with no mercy. The Universe has been made on the promise of Love and Love only. Free will allows Man to feel hatred and to seek vengeance on his fellow man, but do not allow him to tell you it is on God’s behalf that he wreaks his wrath.

Let God wrap his love around you like a blanket. Feel it in your veins. He whispers in the trees and he loves you like a child. You are his child. Know that he is with you and a part of you. When you are one with God, you are one with the All. When you know this, when you truly know it, you will know and speak only of love. That is all.

I am God, the Creator.

I love you.

It is so.

Victoria Cochrane is a trained Advanced Theta Healing practitioner and Reiki master. She has worked as a spiritual healer and psychic reader for five years. Victoria also works as a teacher and literacy specialist on the northwest coast of Tasmania, where she lives with her husband, Richy, in Circular Head. They have three adult sons.


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