Sex and the Suburbs
Sex and the Suburbs
Perfect Bound Softcover
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When fate brings two lost souls together, can they find the courage to explore their dreams?

Mr. Smith, a man of great pride and passion, is alone in a busy world. He has lost his direction in the pursuit of society’s expectations. Power, control, manipulation, and guilt are the ingredients of his life and, ultimately, his fall from grace. Like many, he battles low self-esteem, low self-confidence, and deep loneliness in secret. Success has enabled him to buy a house, but what he desires is a home—and someone to share it with.

When he meets Ms. Jones, a vibrant woman of outward self-confidence who appeared to sparkle from the inside out. Like Mr. Smith, Ms. Jones also suppresses the inner demons. Behind the polished exterior, Ms. Jones hides a secret; she is shy and afraid to share her deepest desires and fantasies.

Her vibrant and seemingly open nature lures him in, and together they begin an exploration of ripe erotic and romantic possibility. When these two souls and bodies meet, sparks fly. Their adventures walk a fine line between love and lust, pleasure and porn, bliss and sin. Their individual sensual inclinations are bound into togetherness, which brings meaning to the meaningless, along with heart and soul to the lonely.

Together, Mr. Smith and Ms. Jones explore a bold, new frontier, one of an intimacy they’ve only dreamed of, an erotic adventure they barely dare to imagine, and an unexpected hope for true love.

“Sex and the Suburbs is a provocative and suggestive insight of modern suburban life, confronting the loneliness and stimulating pleasure within the pursuit of happiness.”

Mr Smith a man of pride and passion is a alone in a busy world and Ms Jones a woman of vibrant outward confidence although inwardly shy.

The two of them explore his fears and her inhibitions as if fate brought them together without knowing. The magnetic seduction and chemistry they share is a tempting, teasing and irresistible erotic sensuality. Irrevocable and provocative beyond boundaries, their bond unites closeness and is intimately erogenous.

A story we can all relate to in one sense or another about intimate relationships mixed with the pressures of modern day living, societal changes, the impact of the cyber world and its effects on our communication in particular our body language and how the human race has become accustomed to the shallowness and selfish yet alone kind of living.

EJ Mason is like a bowl of fruit salad with a hint of onions and chilli—naturally sweet and spicy, delightfully refreshing, and dynamically vibrant. Her multiple layers of variety add an essence of spice to life. She currently lives in Australia.

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