Tennessee Rain
Tennessee Rain
Perfect Bound Softcover
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When Charles and Ella Resenger escape the confines of their rural mountain homes, they feel that life has finally changed for the better. Following a difficult pregnancy, they return to the mountain and leave their new daughter, Stella, at the farm in Tennessee in the care of Mommie, Charles’s bitter mother. Tragedy falls and Stella is forced to become a part of her father’s new family in North Carolina. Quickly falling into situations that are considered an abomination to all, Charles is set into a rage that will last to his grave. His anger endures long after he takes control of the love Stella’s sins create.

“Ella!” Charles rushed to her side and gently cradled her in his arms. He stroked her hair, wet from blood. Blood from his split cheek and dripping, broken nose trickled down, coinciding with hers, entangling their souls in a moment of deep distress.

Hours later, the frogs still croaked and the crickets still chirped, undisturbed by the cruelty of life. Ella and Charles sat at the creek, silently watching and listening. Here they had come and here they had sat, not speaking a word, each lost in their own thoughts.

Charles stood and reached for Ella’s hand. Without question, she allowed him to lead the way.

The story of Tennessee Rain is a beautiful, bitter, heartbreaking, historic saga that centers on the hardships of harsh Southern life. Having lived much of her childhood in the South, emylee witnessed first hand the anguish that comes with this lifestyle.

Living all across the United States and growing up in the South, emylee now resides in the Midwest with her husband of 21 years, and her teenage daughter.


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