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Kidnapped by mistake from her hometown of San Diego, Hope Ryan is transported into the heart of a community under the control of a Mexican drug cartel.

Cut off from her beloved husband and family, she escapes death on more than one occasion, yet is unable to get back home. Frustrated by the lack of clues as to her whereabouts, John, her husband, remains confident—without apparent reason—that they will be reunited.

Their love gives her power she didn’t know she had. That power converts her misfortune to a whole new set of circumstances that introduces the couple to a new normal that surpasses their understanding of what is possible.

February 13, 2008

Hope Ryan is that lucky one-in-a-million sweet young brunettte who at age 26, has found – there’s no other way to say it – her soul mate, and has already lived the life most girls looking for the right man only dreamabout: a gorgeous husband with a personality to match, who goes the extra mile to make her happy because that makes him happy; a home by the Pacific Ocean in Carlsbad to die for (please, not literally!); a loving family of two sisters and all the great in-laws she ‘inherited.’

True, there was that rough patch years ago. Her mother and fatherwere coming back from a Las Vegas vacation, but never made it home because a drunken driver hit them head-on on I-15. Joseph Megna was 58, Tina was 55. Mercifully, they died instantly.

She and her sisters, Beth and Kate – the trio already was close reinforced an already unbreakable bond. Hope was 17 at the time, Beth was 22 and Kate, 19. Beth became the Mom substitute, which wasn’t hard, because they were almost grown-up. Their folks left them a home with no mortgage.

After almost two idyllic years of wedded bliss, Hope could not have imagined she would ever be in this predicament. Just minutes ago, she barely escaped being murdered. She is still in danger, having been tossed into the trunk of a car. Her hands, feet and mouth are securely taped.

She hears a guy called Delgado tell Pedro and Miguel to get rid of her. She knows that when the car stops, these two will obey their boss. She is lying in the darkness of the trunk, jostled by a bumpy ride, totally helpless.

Her thoughts turn to John, her husband. “He thinks I’m at work! John, I’m in Mexico! Help me, John! I need you!” It’s an automatic response. She knows she is asking for the impossible.

Understanding that the only way she can communicate with John isthrough God, Hope, while gripped with fear, appeals to the only One who can help her.

“Oh, God! I need your help. These psycho madmen are going to kill me. Guide me to do whatever I can to save myself and my baby!”

Earlier this morning, while getting ready to go to work, she tested positive. She learned she was pregnant. Her husband doesn’t know. She hears the thugs in the car with her talk about their pending trip to Cabo. A cell phone rings.

Born in New York City of Italian immigrants, the author married at twenty-two and later moved to Phoenix with her husband and three children. They finally settled in Temecula, California, recently celebrating fifty-four years of marriage. Her soul-mate husband, a former newsman, collaborated on the book.

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