Life Happens
Life Happens
It’s How You Let It Shape You That Matters
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Author Alivia Cahill learned that people are not merely reflections of their life experiences; they’re reflections of their perceptions of, and reactions to, those life experiences. Henry David Thoreau said, “It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.” What’s more, the response to what is seen can change life forever.

This compilation of personal experiences illustrates how Alivia’s unhealthy responses to a harsh environment shaped her life in many ways. Years of stewing quietly and bottling up negative emotions about life’s adversities led to decades of self-abuse and devastating physical dis-ease. Fortunately, experiencing unconditional love and acquiring profound knowledge about the mind-body connection eventually led her on a path to wellness.

Life Happens follows Alivia’s agonizing journey of creating dis-ease and working towards healing, which sparks the motivation to make better choices in the face of hardship. The traumas described and lessons learned encourage a positive view of life’s obstacles to be adopted—to grow from them and allow them to positively shape the body, mind, and spirit—so that wellness may be experienced, instead of simply dreamed about!
"The fights were loud, full of expletives and name calling, and could easily be heard outside of the house; they also left a cloud of hostility and tension in the air that was palpable to everyone. My response to most any argument was to clam up, stew about the indiscretion, argue with the offender in my mind, and not speak again unless spoken to—even then, I would only offer short, cold replies. I wish I had learned different (better) coping skills or responses to confrontation, but I didn’t........ My need for an emotional outlet actually became stronger than ever at this point because any pre-existing issues that resurfaced were compounded by constant thoughts about how the person I was falling in love with was across the world in a war zone and I didn’t know when, or if, I would talk to him again. With my mind and journal frequently occupied with thoughts about my best friend in Iraq, time moved slowly forward.”
Alivia Cahill has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s degree in health studies; she is working toward a PhD. She is currently preparing for some new adventures, which may include relocating to a quiet mountainside town with her husband, writing additional books, and opening her own wellness center.
What an amazing account of one woman's quest to overcome life's obstacles! She expressed great determination, wisdom, and even humor through the most difficult of life experiences. This book is truly inspiring and a "must read" to those on their own healing journey.
A powerful book that helped me get through my own challenges. Alivia's unrelenting fight to overcome some tragically difficult circumstances helped me find the strength within to keep pushing forward when faced with my own life struggles.

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