Back, Body, and Soul
Back, Body, and Soul
The Doctor Kleverlaan Way
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Finally a book that helps you understand:

  • Why we get pain, and how best to manage it and maybe ease it forever
  • How to activate your core, start exercising and manage your weight
  • Which therapist to see when you or someone you love needs help
  • Whether to use heat or cold on pain, and why
  • Easy effective stretches to stretch your way to success

When your car isn’t running at its peak, you take it in for a tune-up.

You buy a better grade of fuel, put air in the tyres, and check your fluid levels—before a troublesome noise becomes an expensive repair.

You know better than to ignore the warning signs.

Why wouldn’t you take the same precautions with your body?

With a focus on back health, author Dr Carla Kleverlaan introduces the concept that, like your car, your body needs regular maintenance to keep it running at peak performance.

This book empowers and motivates you to get the body you always wanted. Drawing on experience in health and a passion for elite sport, Dr Kleverlaan has put together a simple guide to better health and well-being. By following her tips on posture, diet, exercise, and regular tune-ups, you can enjoy the journey of nurturing your back body, and soul.

In this guide, as in her clinic, Dr Kleverlaan shares the advice that helps patients around the world live with less pain, more vibrance, and in better balance overall.

Kleverlaan lifts the lid on all the secrets your practitioner might not have time to tell you, and why it’s so important to start loving your body: because you are worth it.

“A brilliantly simple and easy-to-read guide to being pain free and getting into shape”


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Around the world, Doctor Carla Kleverlaan, an osteopath, a beach volleyball athlete, and performance coach, has educated people how to keep their bodies in tune for 12 years. She is currently lecturing at the Victoria University and working in a private practice in Melbourne, Australia.

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