Blue Star Love
Blue Star Love
From an Amazing Heart of Grace
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Elvis Aaron Presley was a brilliant light. He used music to entertain and connect people through love. It was his sincere desire to share his spirituality with his fans. In Blue Star Love, his wish now comes true.

Take this incredible journey with Elvis, as he describes his home in another world, which he calls the Blue Star. Learn of Elvis’s deepest innermost self and beliefs about life, love, and reality.

In Blue Star Love, you will learn all you ever wanted to know about Elvis but never knew to ask!

“Maia has taken Elvis’s words and thoughts, combining them with great understanding and realness … intertwined his beliefs … and put a perspective to it all … to look past our questions and find the answers we need … That is what Elvis tried to do … Elvis, I know is smiling … that little nod of approval … I highly recommend everyone, Elvis fan or not, read this book.”
—Wanda June Hill, author of
We Remember, Elvis and Elvis Face to Face.

Wanda June Hill sat in the room, her attention focused on a dark-haired man (Elvis). As his indigo eyes blazed in effort, his hand trembled above an ash tray on the polished top of the coffee table. His face began to pale and perspiration silvered his perfect features into a magic mirror of the mind. While Wanda and several others in the room held their breaths in anticipation, the large, heavy ashtray upon which this riveting young man had been concentrating, scooted across the table, just stopping before it would have crashed to the floor...

Maia Chrystine Nartoomid has been an Elvis fan since 1956, and has been interacting with the Elvis community as a writer since 1970. Her contact with Wanda June Hill, author of "We Remember Elvis," and "Elvis Face to Face," began in 1977. Maia has also had direct contact with some other well-known people that were part of Elvis' life, such as Larry Geller and Charlie Hodge. She has also had direct contact with the popular Elvis authors, Jess Stearn and Brad Steiger.

As a modern day mystic Maia has repeatedly had soul level communications with Elvis when he was alive, and since his passing. She has the ability to read the ancient records of thought and history and bring forth mystical information on previous lifetimes for individuals. She has employed her innate mystical skills to examine the soul mission of Elvis through time.

Maia has a deep soul love for Elvis and feels that she too is from his real home, which he called the "Blue Star." She is deeply inspired to further Elvis' soul purpose and to help the world know more about who he really was behind the commercialized media image generally presented of him.

Maia currently resides in Hawaii and the Island of Kaua'i, not far from where Elvis filmed "Blue Hawaii." The islands were always dear to Elvis as they are to Maia, who finds great peace and contentment residing within them. Currently, Maia quietly continues her mystical work helping to guide other souls to the ultimate experience of their true nature in God, much as Elvis loved to do "behind the scenes."

This book is so much more than a story about Elvis, although it is an incredible and very unusual one of those too. It brings hope to the human heart that true goodness dwells amongst us in forms that we do not always recognize. This book inspires me to be all that I can be too!
Shira Elfana 
OMG my book has arrived, was planning to book work tonight, but its sooooooooo good, I can't put it down!

Great job Maia, and wow! really shows what an amazing being Elvis was....Is

Thanks Maia and thanks Elvis for being you
Upon receiving this book I realized quickly that I was holding a very unique gift in my hands. Maia has spent 28 years researching the contents of this book. Through its pages we get to know Elvis in a very expanded way ~ the true Being behind the public persona. We discover that Elvis was very spiritually aware, remembered his Star Home, studied metaphysics with a passion and even taught important metaphysical concepts to any of his fans who were willing to listen. This is an unusual and extrordinary read, full of activations and remembrances.

Indeed in the times that are upon us, this book is a comfort to all Star Seeds.

Apart from experiencing Elvis and his life in a new and truly inspiring way, through the pages of this book we also get to experience the extraordinary Being who wrote the book. Maia has been an inspiration in my life for many years. I am always amazed at her capacity to transcend and go to the high records, where she can bring thru detailed and complicated information for us all. Her book holds spirtual teachings and awareness that we all so need during these days on Earth. As we are coming back into the remembrance of our Great Being we have the privilege of knowing certain Star Beings along the way, who can help us to remember why we are here and where we came from.

Please consider buying this book. This is a self published book, written with so much love and dedication. Let us all support Maia's wonderful efforts here and receive the amazing grace of this book in return. I would encourage us all to buy the actual book if we can, rather than the e-book. Just holding the actual book is an activation. It hums!

Aine Armour Author of [[ASIN:1425781810 The Flaming Serpent]]
Áine Armour 
I remember reading that Elvis said one time, that he wanted All of his Fans to Know Not the Image of Elvis Presley but The Human Being the Heart of Who Elvis Presley was. Will Folks in this Awesome Book that Maia has Wrote, You All Will Discover Who Elvis Presley was and that she has Made Elvis' Wish Come True.
Barbara Rogers 
I just finished reading your book "Blue Star Love". It is a wonderful book and I cried during parts, it is such a beautiful tribute to a beautiful soul. I was not a fan of Elvis before reading the book but now that I know the True Story I can really appreciate him. I know I came through the Orion Stargate so I have some familiarity where he came from. I can in some way relate to some of the things he experienced. Thanks again.
John O'Donnell 

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