Unlocking The Consciousness of Your Soul
Unlocking The Consciousness of Your Soul
Perfect Bound Softcover
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The book is about my experiences in life and how those experiences introduced me to the wisdom of my very soul. It is a story about where I truly began as a child of God, who I thought I was because of where I was born, and how I became enlightened to the most profound kept secrets that were ever devised in the history of mankind. It is a story that unravels the mystery behind your suffering.
Without realizing it, your soul has been hiding from you for many lifetimes, and by choosing to open up your heart and put aside your dogmatic beliefs for a while, your soul will reveal to you all the whys of you choosing the route of sin, physicality, earth, brainwashing, forgetfulness, and suffering as the means to remember who you are.
If you are looking for clarity in life and how to overcome distress, grief, anger, and the pain you are feeling right now, then it becomes very important to understand who you truly are, where you truly come from, how miracles are created, and why you do the things you do. It is a story that touches on the human struggles of life and how to overcome them just by learning to connect to the wisdom of your soul.
The story takes you all the way back to the first creation, known as the Garden of Eden, and how it relates to your evolution through time and space. When you live and make decisions from the mind of reason, from others long established interpretations of God’s written words, and from what the experts assert what is best for you, your soul cannot bring forth the wisdom that you hold deep within your consciousness. Thus, you become more and more susceptible to turbulent experiences.
Many of you at one time or another has perhaps felt like giving up on life just because of all the bad things not letting up. After all, it does seem like things are getting worse as far as the economy, the politicians, terrorists, earthquakes, tornados, fires, and those nasty and ruthless storms that don’t even show mercy for anyone, not even for the poor, the handicap, or even those who are starving in Africa. Many of you are saying right now that you don’t feel safe anymore. Some are even asking where God is in all of this chaos, especially those who are suffering with such emotional anguish.
How about you? Do you feel that you are trapped in a world of chaos and confusion and don’t know what to do, where to go, or who to talk to? Religions say to move toward God for your answers, admit that you are a sinner, ask for forgiveness, and then take up the Bible and go to church – for that is where you will find your answers and your salvation.
Religions maintain that the Bible spells it out unequivocally that we suffer because of sin. Well! What sin did those babies in Africa commit to deserve starvation and the illnesses they suffer? Or, babies that are born in other countries, even America, without fault of their own, starting life off as being addictive to drugs or other ghastly things? How about babies born with no arms, legs, and without eyes? What sin did they commit? Can you answer these questions without trying to get too intellectual and righteous with your answers? After all, what makes you so special to be born healthy, and in a country that serves you well?
What we are seeing and experiencing today has nothing to do with God’s laws, sin, the end days, or about Jesus returning to earth to collect those that feel they are blameless. The real truth is that religion, man, and government have always made everything complex, puzzling, and mysteries when it comes to God, Satan, one’s Soul, one’s intellect, and how we all should be managed, but largely sin and suffering. Of course, the best way to hide the real truth is for you to remain obsessed with fear, punishment, and guilt. By religion, with the help of governments, around the world keeping you locked into the conventional belief about God, family, sin, karma, and how you need them, those in authority preserve their power in setting up the ground rules to control your belief systems, thus manipulating your thought patterns in creating the reality you will experience. With the conditioning of the mind, through religion, education, science, and government, the probability of you experiencing confusion, anxiety, drama, and lack of miracles is actualized by nearly one hundred percent because of the way you will measure your belief systems and self-worth.
Therefore, to step into the consciousness of “mastering your own life,” is to understand “who you truly are, where you truly come from, and then realize that you gave up free choice a long time ago” because you have tied it to your thoughts of duality, to your church, to your family beliefs, friends, and to the government. You see the soul you does not belong to this world and therefore, it does not belong to a church, religion, or your family beliefs. In fact, the real you don’t think or care what you should do today or tomorrow. All that your soul cares about is the experience.
Your mind knows how you believe and think, which then sets up who you believe you are – for you are what you think and believe in. If you believe with all your heart in the forces of duality and in a God of punishment, then that is what you will experience in life. It’s that simple!
For instance: My human story starts off in 1948 where, for a brief moment, my human identity was not known to my parents, my brothers, or to the world. Then a few minutes later, my parents celebrated my birth by giving me a name. With this name I was then introduced to my family, myself, and to the world. However, what was unknown to me and to my family at the time, other than my human name, was what my story was going to consist off for this lifetime.
Now, the church would say that my life story began somewhere after my baptism – for my baptism, by all accounts, set my story up to become a Catholic and a believer of Jesus as my Lord and Savior, thus setting me up as a sinner already before I even uttered my first words. This means, unconsciously, and as a child of god, I agreed to a belief system and a reality that my suffering had already began before I made my first choice as a human. Thereby, through this act by my parents, and that of religion, it became the first step in me giving away my “free will.”
Through baptism, not only did I become a supporter of my parent’s belief systems, I also became a personality limited to following the rules that were established by the Catholic Church – for it was to be my ticket to heaven when my story (life) ended.
Now, other than my story starting off as a sinner, and the family lacking money to further my education, I was born and raised in a tiny house that managed to squeeze in seven people. However, once I graduated from high school, I began to believe that maybe I could make it in the business world as an entrepreneur. Of course, I asked myself at the time, “Where am I going to get the money to launch a business because my family has no money and I know of no one that would loan it to me?
Nevertheless, even though I was young and naïve, and took on the belief of being poor and uneducated, it did not mean that I lacked the skills to start a business over someone that was born into money and had a business degree. It came down to believing in me more than where I was born, or if I had a business degree, or if I had access to money.
The year was 1971 and I was in my early twenties before money finally found me by me taking on three other partners. And, since I was the one with the experience and the one with a plan, I became the president of the company. However, the business lasted three and half years before it went belly-up in April 1975, which led to bankruptcy for the company as well as for me personally.
It was devastating to me but my passion to be in business prevailed, which is why eight short months later (December 1975) I went back into business for the second time. However, this time it was with one partner, and it lasted from December 1975 to spring of 1993 before my world once again was turned upside down – for I was thrown out of my own company because of an unsigned agreement. It was a time when I believed God really had forsaken me.
At first, my thoughts went to God and how I threw him out of my life at a very young age. And because of it, I justified to myself the lack of God’s miracles in my life. It was a time (spring 1993) when I actually began to fear God on a level of such anxiety and dismay that I thought I was literally doomed. I even had thoughts about attending church again, wondering if maybe I could save myself and my family from God’s wrath and my stupidity.
However, even though I was feeling and thinking this, something was still eating at me – for I began to feel that my failures had nothing to do with my former partners, where I was born, my education, me believing in God, or even my stupidity. You see, following several months of prayer, despair, blaming, and allowing my mind putting me down, I began to sit still and take a few deep breaths. At first, it was only a few minutes a day, and then I finally worked up to about thirty minutes a day.
Then one day, while sitting still doing some deep breathing, I began to feel someone talking to me...
Terry, born in 1948 in Caribou, Maine, now lives in Tennessee and is an innovative clairvoyant, a pioneer in new energy consciousness at a time when religious thoughts are rooted in conventional beliefs. Terry has a lifelong history of having an open mind, heart, and a call for consciousness awakening.

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