What the Future of Humanity Could Be!
What the Future of Humanity Could Be!
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Do you wonder where the world is going? Do you feel like the only stability left is change? Why are we here, and where do we go from here?
In this book, we explore key aspects such as politics, economy, education, art, nature, the role of women/motherhood, etc. and bring them under the light of the Initiatic understanding of renowned Initiates, Sages, and great Masters, particularly Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov.
Humanity is coming to the end of an era of materialization and is at the threshold of a new era, one of spiritualization. We are at a crossroads. Our awakening and cooperation as a global family, a universal family, are the surest way to face the twenty-first century.
This book is an opportunity to see with new eyes, with a new consciousness. The future can be harmonious and glorious. May we open up, go within, and explore our inner riches, the ones deposited by the Creator in the depth of our soul!
The exercises of visualization and affirmation at the end of each chapter are a way to uplift your consciousness to a new realm, that of universal love and cosmic light. Enjoy!
"I am frequently asked in lectures and seminars, "Who today is a believable, genuine, spiritual teacher?" Now I can answer without hesitation: Encounter Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov and see what happens."
—Dr. Larry Dossey, Recovering the Soul, Beyond Illness, Meaning and Medicine

Chapter 1: POLITICS
…Many humanities have disappeared usually because the lower self or “personality” allowed certain human beings to dominate and enslave others through violence. When politicians are inspired by their higher self or “individuality” and manifest generosity and wisdom, they become heads of government who are efficient, inspiring, reassuring and thus benefit all their people.
“Before anyone can be a true political leader, he must have a profound knowledge of man and nature and a profound respect for divine law. Also, he must be free from all ambition, all personal passions”.
Chapter 2: ECONOMY
Economy of itself is neither good nor bad. The ideas that govern it can however be good or bad, and thus make the economy move in one direction or another. The world today is so materialized that no one pays attention to this subtle, imponderable, indeed spiritual aspect called intelligence; will.
When human beings will use all economic means in the service of their spiritual, divine nature, prosperity will follow. If all the efforts generated to become rich on the outside were transposed to become richer inwardly, people would blossom and swim in happiness.

Chapter 3: EDUCATION
In the literal sense, education is the art of giving each human being, at any time and at any age, the proper means for developing and expressing the qualities, virtues and gifts carried within as seeds. It is natural to think that any education, in a word, any pedagogy, must be based on the knowledge of human structure in the entirety of its nature and manifestations. A human being is composed, not only of an intellect, but of a heart, willpower, a soul and a spirit which deserve as much attention allowing a better distribution of inner forces and, consequently, a more balanced development.

The Master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov relates the following story in one of his lectures:
One day an Angel decided to come down to earth to study the life of humans and animals. To materialize, he took the form of a pig. Life was wonderful, he ate acorns and a certain mixture...what do you call it...Oh yes! pâté. And he was immensely happy. He took a wife and was soon surrounded by numerous little piglets. My God, what bliss! Never would he leave such bliss. Above, his fellow-angels waited, heads bowed, wondering how to make him return. They sent message after message, but as far as he was concerned, life was perfect, he was in clover! In the end, they decided the only solution would be to have him killed and cooked for dinner. When the angel came out of his appetizing form, he was horrified at having been content as an animal and he thanked his fellow angels for delivering him!
We resemble somewhat the angel in this anecdote, having descended into matter to the point that we have forgotten our roots, our true identity. We must learn anew who we are and reintegrate the lost paradise of the soul and the spirit, and to achieve this, we change “clothing” from one incarnation to the next.

It is said that “What women want God wants” and most assuredly this popular saying indicates the magical power that women hold. Women have the power to materialize things. Even if women are not married, all women are mothers of their thoughts and their feelings. They possess an intellect and a heart that radiates and emanates and they all can form a ‘symbolic’ child. Moreover, it is a thousand times more important because this child is formed collectively for the well-being of the whole humanity. If all women on earth decided to unite with their thoughts on the psychic level to help the formation of a new idea, such as a new kingdom, a garden of peace and love, a new Era would be born on earth and it would be the Golden Age. Women have the power and the possibility because they hold the key to this formative force ─ the greatest gift given to women.

…It is easy to assume that consciousness is linked to the intellect and it is, in a way, yet not completely. The intellect is this faculty which looks at things mostly from the outside. The intellect projects a light on the consciousness but consciousness is far more than the intellect alone. Consciousness exists as a perception both on the outside and on the inside. As far as inner perception, it is like an eye, a third eye, which discretely, imperceptibly, observes and sometimes manifests as a warning, a premonition, prescience or intuition (from the superconsciousness which we will talk about further on). It is the inner Self that holds the ability of merging with the entire cosmos, to enter into communication with the superior, divine world. That is what superconsciousness is.

Chapter 7: ART
In the future, art will once again take first place. This is one of the only forms of expression capable of awakening in people the desire to live a better life where divine wisdom and divine love exist.

Chapter 8: NATURE
We are the holographic image of the cosmos. The universe represents the macrocosm and human beings the microcosm. The great and the small are intimately related through the same principles and subject to the same laws that can be observed throughout nature. Nature is the source of the great cosmic truths to which we are equally bound.

Chapter 9: AQUARIUS
Today, we find ourselves at the threshold between the setting Age of Pisces and the rising Age of Aquarius. This means that the prevailing values that have shaped the Age of Pisces will give way to principles and ideals represented by Aquarius.
In Aquarius, the realm of feelings, of the heart, water, will unite with the realm of the intellect, air. They will work hand in hand on the path of intuition.

Speaking about the most mysterious being in this world is no easy task as there is little said about this Being. He is like the other spiritual Face of the Christ principle: the one who never incarnates and never dies; the one who has the power to manifest himself without incarnating.

Materialists have often shown how powerful it is to unite forces and work together, hand in hand in order to achieve their goals, of putting aside their differences, of working together to find solutions to their problems to achieve success. If materialists generally succeed so well in whatever they choose to create, it is because they know where their interests lie.
Spiritualists should decide to work together to form a large, universal family sending out powerful waves of Love and Light, they will inspire and uplift the general consciousness and world peace could be achieved. Is this feasible? Yes, absolutely.

Chapter 12: A GOLDEN AGE
Ram established a Golden Age in the past during which peace lasted for several centuries on earth. If civilizations in the past have known this Golden Age why not again in the future? One thing these civilizations often had in common was a solar culture. This consideration for the sun is quite inspiring as the sun is the best example, the best model of our inner structure, of disinterestedness, of unconditional love: it gives its light and warmth to all beings, regardless of their race, color or culture.
This chapter is an intense calling to consider our future with a new hope.
Each chapter offers an exercise in visualization or an affirmation so you can connect with the New Life.

The collection of ideas, subjects and research for this book is the fruit of a team effort: nine authors plus four proofreaders/editors who worked together to make it ripe. The authors have studied the Initiatic Teachings of Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov for a combined number of approximately 279 years. They live on several continents.

Thank you to all the authors who accepted to gracefully participate to this project. They are listed here by alphabetical order:

Denise Bertrand: Canadian living in Thailand. International Director, writer and producer of Drama programs and Shows for youth.

Claude Brun: Okanagan Valley, British-Columbia, Canada. Artist, photographer, researcher

Rolff Desire: Calgary, Alberta. Sales representative

Carmen Froment : Kelowna, British-Columbia, Canada. Flight Attendant

France Gilbert : Victoria, British-Columbia, Canada. Accountant

Richard Kamendje : Autriche. UN, physicist.

Mark Walker: Kelowna, British-Columbia, Canada. Entrepreneur/Corporate owner

Christiane van Aken: Sydney, Australia. Accountant

Mikhael van Aken: Sydney, Australia. Entrepreneur


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