The Lies We Tell Ourselves
The Lies We Tell Ourselves
Eliminate the lies, Discover your truths, Design Your Success
Perfect Bound Softcover
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No Matter What You Desire In Life, You Can Achieve What You are looking for! This book is your road map to understanding human behavior and eliminating any thought that there is something in the world that is holding you back. There is no bad luck, no demons, no enemy against your success and peace except on person and that is you. Take responsibility for your life and you will take responsibility for all that you desire.

"I hope you believe in yourself and that you become aware of the greatness that you posses inside of you. If you will own up to the lies you tell yourself, then you will be well on your way to gaining the success that you desire. Life is really what you make it, but even bigger is what you believe in and think about. You create your reality as you have the power and the ability to create and be great at all times.

I wrote this book to inspire others who have been through things just like me. I wanted to inspire ordinary people and encourage them to do extraordinary things. My life needed more meaning and clarity and I had to seek out the answers to my questions.Could I be better than this? Is life just always going to be tough? Am I limited as to what I can accomplish? Am I able to be awesome and exceptional? There were so many questions and I was in a lot of conflict and I felt that if I was going through this that there had to be more out there just like me. After years of working on this book, I now know I was right. I know this book is for more about the world than just about me. We all need to be encouraged and understand the meaning of life and greatness.

The Lies We Tell Ourselves is so much more than just a book about one thing other than living an exceptional life. You will laugh with me, you will cry, you will learn and celebrate with me and you will have thoughts with me and we take a look at the truth in life and if you are living any lies. Lies are the realities you are living that you did not desire. I ask that you take a journey with me over the next 244 pages and that you eliminate your lies, discover your truths and design your success.

I can achieve anything I want to in life! I declare that I have the power, the will, and the chance to be everything I want to be as long as I will not give into my fears, bad thoughts and weaknesses. I must fight poor advice and opinions that are not in my best interest. I declare freedom from those people in my life that have held me back. I will be my best as long as I declare what I want, I am real with where I am at and I am truthful about where I want to go.
Robert D. Kintigh has not always been an author as he has had several careers prepare him for what has just arrived in the way of this book. Robert has had early success fresh from high school in business as an entrepreneur and in corporate America. Robert attributes his success to his ability to write and his ability to market. Understanding the power of words and a clean marketing message makes his work as an author very powerful. He started his career writing sales copy for the property management industry. Later, Robert started his own home maintenance company where his writing skills proved to be very beneficial as he created entire programs that brought notoriety to him as he was sought out to do the same for companies all over the industry. His coaching career was also born due to the success he was having in the industry. Not wanting to ever settle for mediocre or status quo, Robert has applied this philosophy to all that he has done and has passed this on to his students over the years. Later in his career, Robert worked for a few organizations writing training programs to help teach employees everything from sales, customer service to health and safety. A burning desire to help people learn and achieve more, he was passionate about what he delivered to thousands of employees. A thirst for knowledge, Robert has attended seminars and trainings by Tony Robbins, Knock your socks off customer service, Jeffrey Gitomer, Stephen Covey and Dale Carnegie as well as Get Motivated just to name a few. Learning to apply what he has learned. Robert has applied these teachings to many of the writing projects he has been involved in as well as business. Robert’s business and marketing skills not only has been learned in the field, but has also attended college 3 times in his life. From degrees and classes he has taken from Butte College/Chico State, Crowder College and SEMO as well as other classes taken independently. A thirst for learning has always been his focus; Robert understands the value of knowledge and education. Robert’s experience in writing includes blog writing, websites for his own purpose and professionally including ghost writing. Robert also has written press releases for companies, policies and procedures, and various technical writing for training. Robert has successfully written 3 major courses for seminars and dozens of corporate training programs. Robert’s strength in the book he has written comes from his upbringing and challenges he has faced in his life. Robert has received many awards in his life for both business and writing such as business of the year, most inspirational writing, employee of the year, salesperson of the year and dedicated to excellence award. Born and raised in Downey California, Robert now lives in the mountains of Cool California in Northern California near Sacramento.

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