The Secret Science of Combat Strategy
The Secret Science of Combat Strategy
Perfect Bound Softcover
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The Secret Science of Combat Strategy presents an invaluable resource for anyone interested in martial arts hoping to improve their knowledge and skills. Author Jules Aib provides instructions and details in an easy-to follow format focused primarily on those familiar with martial arts but also accessible to anyone who is interested. After a lifelong devotion to Zen-based martial arts, he clearly articulates a comprehensive collection of combat strategies from the perspective of a true martial artist. He also provides a rare, in-depth glimpse into the heart and soul of a martial artist.

What are the best fighters feeling, thinking, and doing before, during, and after combat? The intriguing answer to this question seeks to satiate those who are curious about the secret world the martial artist inhabits. This remarkable book also includes photographs that exemplify the true spirit of martial arts, designed to enhance the beauty, wisdom, and deep insight into the science of combat strategy.

Whether you are a practitioner of any combat system or are simply a fan of mixed martial arts, this guide offers a peek into the heart and soul of elite fighters who are true martial artists. Ultimately, The Secret Science of Combat Strategy is about winning—how to win in combat and how to win in life.

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Jules Aib is the founder and chief instructor of World Aikido-Yoga (WAY). Aikido- Yoga seamlessly integrates the sophisticated martial-art of aikido with the ancient science of yoga. Over the last two decades he has taught personal empowerment through the practice of aikido-yoga to people all over the world. He currently lives in Australia.


I've found this book to be full of invaluable knowledge that can, & will be of great use to anyone studying or thinking of studying a martial art. Much of the text seems very esoteric in that I felt like I was being let into the secrets of years of study by a true master/life coach, a deeply personal spiritual journey that's been put to paper for the use of others - and it's easy to understand! I enjoyed this very much. Highly recommended with two thumbs up. :D

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