My Ever After Chronicles
My Ever After Chronicles
Perfect Bound Softcover
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In 1963, Carol Lynn Vengroff was twelve-years-old and living in France with her family. Returning to their home after a Christmas vacation, the family, exhausted from a long trip, had to deal with freezing temperatures in the house caused by a power outage. Wrapped up in a coat and hat and still shivering in her bed, the author recalls feeling numb, first on her extremities, and then “each part of me slowly succumbing to the freezing cold.” First came the darkness, but then the author was shown the light. Join the author as she shares her near-death experience and the gifts she received as she experienced heaven and found answers to what happens before we are born, after we die, and finding our mission in between.
Into the Light and Gravity Free

At first I thought I was dreaming. I sensed that I was traveling through black space. As I was moving, I experienced every detail of my life, up to that very instant, as if for the very first time. I had total recall from the moment I was born to that actual night. I experienced a crystal-clear, amazingly detailed review of everything I had ever felt, seen, touched, smelled, tasted, heard, sensed, and done. I felt complete. I felt safe. I felt loved! I understood that at every moment of my life, GOD was, and always is a part of me, and I am a child of His.

I was filled with overwhelming joy. I had the sense that I was somewhere that I had been before, somewhere peaceful, somewhere wonderful. Like a long –lost friend, like the familiar pathway to my home. Memories kept flooding my being as I traveled onward through time and space.

In the distance I could see a light, and the light became pixilated, almost playful, as I was drawn into it. The farther I traveled, the less gravity had a hold of me, until finally I was gravity-free. I was body-free! Then suddenly, I came to a dead stop. I had arrived. I had arrived at a place that defies description in human terms. I was enveloped by illumination, a glowing light like nothing I had ever seen or experienced.

Carol Lynn Vengroff has been around forever and has accumulated quite a bit of information and some profound life lessons. As a result she lives an enchanted life. She and her husband live in Florida and share a love of family, sailing, road trips, movies, big dogs and chocolate.
Carol Vengroff's little book had a big message. While very succinct, the Chronicles offered a powerful stage by stage account of the mysteries beyond life that we long to comprehend. I would reccommend this personal reveal of the author's near death experience to anyone who has lost a loved one, are facing their own mortality or moving along on their spiritual journey. I have many patients and students who have already benefited and found comfort from it. Ms. Vengroff has made the esoteric, abstract, approachable and manageable in a very sweet way.
Carol Joy Cole, LCSW, BCD, MSWAC, SAP 
The author's words used to describe the "indescribable" were rich, full, soaring, embracing while unfolding, creating evermore credible visions filled with palpable joy.
Judy Reed 
It is really a fantastic book very easy to read and a super real life stories...wen I star it I could not put it down,,, my best advise to all my dear friend ..get will make you see, the reality of our wonderful life, and all the Blessing we do have...!!! Merci Carol It was Fantastic...!!!
Mireille Arnosi 
Thank you Carol for writing such a wonderful book. It has changed my life for the better. I have been giving them to friends and getting the same reaction. Your life story is a gift, just as you are a gift. Thanks for letting us know we all are too!
Lynette Swann 
Easy to read and has a beautiful way to describe her events and feelings. I read it from cover to cover without stopping! It is a great book!
A simply eloquent remembrance of a childhood encounter within the realms of afterlife, leaving the reader with an uplifting weightlessness of "knowing".
Niki Brown 
Thank you Carol for sharing such a amazing, personal account of your heavenly experience. This book touched my life in a meaningful way and I do hope others welcome this book into their lives.
Diane Terrell 
So loved this. Carol lived across the street from me for our whole childhood. I never knew about this until recently. My mom was her Girl Scout leader and they both loved art so much. Carol did such a beautiful job with her words in this book. I am praying she will receive her audience with the Pope. Strange of all the current circumstances at the Vatican recently.
Jean Ortiz 

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