The Alchemy of Healing
The Alchemy of Healing
The Healer Was Always You
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We all know how frustrating it can be to do everything you’re supposed to do and yet see nothing change for the better. This can happen in all areas of our lives, but it is perhaps most trying when it comes to our health.

Author Farnaz Afshar knew such frustration. Suffering from a range of physical ailments, she became sicker and sicker and was unable to recover using conventional medicine. The Alchemy of Healing: The Healer Was Always You tells of Afshar’s discovery of her self-healing power, documenting her journey from illness to well-being. She shares her own story of healing and offers a collection of thoughts and life lessons to help others experiencing illness.

She has come to the conclusion that the cause of every illness is the same, making it possible for anyone to achieve relief from any illness by applying the same Law of Attraction principles she learnt. Each chapter guides you through your own path to recovery from whatever illness you have.

You can discover your inner strength and self-healing capabilities. The health you desire is in your hands. You, and only you, can really heal yourself!

I wrote this book because it is the book I wanted to read, while in the depths of sadness and hopelessness over my obscure, so called 'incurable' and sometimes undiagnosable illnesses which slowly began in my teens and grew exponentially in my 20s. I wrote this book because it’s the book I needed to read, when I couldn’t walk, sleep or sit from chest stiffness, mind blowing back and sharp hip pains. I wrote this book because it’s the book I needed when at 3am I’d wake up daily from agonizing pain, but incapable of even getting myself out of bed. I wrote this book because it’s the book I wish someone would have handed to me every time I received a new diagnosis of something else wrong with my liver, lungs or stomach.

I wrote this book because it contains what I didn’t know when I was spending thousands of dollars on ultrasounds, blood tests, x-rays, doctors, chiropractic and physio sessions, endocrinologists, sports physician, homeopathic, naturopathic, iridologist, acupuncturist consultations, the latest pills, anti-blemish washes, soaps, retinol lotions and toners. I wrote this book because I am certain I am not the only person on this planet who wants reassurance that healing is on its way. Because it may help people, young and old realize they hold the key to their body’s wellbeing. To help you take your power back.

What if I told you, you have created your current physical ailments? You may call me a few names I can't repeat here, but that won’t stop me from pointing out the truth as I have come to discover it. It may surprise you, but you have created your current illness, or any other health crisis you are in. The obvious fact is, no one would choose to be sick! No one would choose disease over wellbeing. The reality is however, you have created the current bodily state (unknowing) by becoming a match to whatever you are currently experiencing.

But I’m not here to blame you or make you feel any worse. My intention for writing this book is to give you back the power social conditioning has taken away from you. By making us feel like a victim of circumstance (be it incorrect diet, not enough exercise, genetic background or other environmental factors), the world around us (often by well meaning people who don’t know any better) has brain washed us into believing our wellbeing is only in the hands of expensive medication and health care professionals who know more than we do. After all, they have studied in universities for many years, and are better equipped to advise us than anyone, right? This illusion that permeates our world, has made people rely on external help and institutions for wellbeing. Not only have we not been taught our enormous power as creators in our own lives, but we have been made to feel incapable of curing ourselves. In todays society we are bombarded with the latest pill, potion or cream that promises to target headaches, back pain, diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, hip pain, acne, arthritis, allergies, ulcers, colds, flu’s… and a thousand more health problems, the list is endless.

Fear not, if all the thousands of products applied, consumed, inhaled, injected do not solve your health issues; there are a vast variety of surgical procedures that will chop and cut the problems from your body. We now live in a world where there are more specialists, scientists and health care accessible to more people, yet there is more disease than ever before. Every day you turn on the news and some new virus is discovered or some rare form of cancer is being ‘fought’. Ask yourself why? With all the advancement in technology and the raised standard of living, why is the variety of illnesses growing exponentially in the world today?

Simply put, we do not know the true power of our conscious mind, and its ability to manifest ease or dis-ease in our lives and bodies. We have been conditioned to think that swallowing a little white pill (mass produced by large pharmaceuticals) will magically 'target' the diseased area. Of course there is big business in every form of illness or disease.

A prevention of 'ease' in the body is disease. When I first came across this concept, it didn’t really hit home until I experienced it in my own body. And I didn’t really understand how I was preventing 'ease' in my own body, until a few years later when the conventional medical dog and pony show was no longer helping me. I don’t mean to play down the great work of some health practitioners and surgeons in saving lives. Modern medicine is perfect for emergencies and giving your body immediate stability so that you can freely turn your focus to changing your emotional state. As long as you heal emotionally, medicine is fine. It’s only because society today places so much emphasis on the physical action of medicine and ignored the important metaphysical aspect of healing, that true healing is not experienced by many.

In this book, I talk through our healing powers and how we can use the Law of Attraction every day using examples from my own life. I am certainly no saint and this journey from illness to wellness has made me a much more conscious being. No matter how bad your bodily state is right now, I hope you will give life a chance to show you, that you were always the healer. You always held the power, you just didn’t know it!

I feel great appreciation, for the time you are take to read this book, and I hope it can answer some of your questions. I hope to reach out for those who are in the same place I was at. Those wanting wellness, who are not able to find health through conventional pill popping medicine. If only one person is able to find relief from illness with the assistance of this book, I have accomplished my mission. You are loved more than you will ever know, and I hope you become one step closer to realizing your worth, as I have through this journey.

Farnaz Afshar currently lives in Australia. The Alchemy of Healing is a tribute to the thought leaders and teachers whose guidance helped her heal herself. She hopes her life lessons and advice will speed up your recovery and help you live your best life

Afshar would love to hear from readers, you can contact her on the book's website

Such an inspirational story of how Fay has overcome years of adversity to loving life. I too have suffered a lot of setbacks however reading this book has given me a lot of encouragement to improve my circumstances and that we are truly in control of our emotions and happiness.
A very honest journey from Afshar, she has lovingly shared her advice and experience. Alchemy of Healing is a fresh approach to healing your body and your life. I have read it twice so far and its helped me look past my current syndrome and focus on being more joyous. My symptoms seem to decline during happier weeks, so she is spot on with her tips. Worth the read!
Love the book so much. It answers most of my confusion and doubts and I couldn't agree more with the philosophies. I wrote to Farnaz asking how to apply the concept to a situation I'm facing, and she kindly replied with clear, detailed explanation and solution which really works! She makes me feel great and alive.
Such a great book, it answered most of my confusions and doubts. I couldn't agree more with her philosophies! I contacted Farnaz for some questions and she kindly answered with great and detailed explanation. Buying this book is one of the best investments I've made, and I do hope more and more people find this gem.
I have read Afshar's book and find it to put things in perspective. Articulated with such grace and ease it has reconfirmed my belief system. "Responsibility, Accountability and Reliability". I have recommended and given her book to quite a few people who believe they are stuck and don't understand how to get out of their own way. Thank you Afshar the world is a better place with your journey and insight.
I loved reading this book and have been able to use some of her helpful tools. I have recommended this book to a few friends to read. It confirmed some of my current belief systems which I will continue to do. I was also able to recognise the law of attraction in my daily life. Thank you for sharing your journey.

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