Freedom of the Soul
Freedom of the Soul
Whispers of Wisdom from Your Inner Being to Live a Life of Purpose
Perfect Bound Softcover
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We are all beings of love and light, born into a divine partnership with our soul. Freedom of the Soul is a gift from Spirit that offers clear wisdom on how to reconnect with yourself and nurture that precious partnership so you can live a more inspired and purposeful life.

A powerful guide of discovery into this relationship with your soul, Freedom of the Soul uses metaphors, simple and heartfelt exercises, and meditations to introduce refreshing and mind-opening insights and truths. As it gently guides you along the path to opening the doors to your soul, you can discover more about yourself, walk as partners with your soul, and become conscious of your light. Reconnecting with your true self is the way to a happier life, healing, creativity, and the transformation of your world.

Within, you’ll master the tools needed to

• change the way you experience life;

• discover your inner powers;

• raise your vibrations to the frequencies of happiness, love, abundance, and freedom;

• understand how the issues of the outer world are actually inner challenges for growth;

• develop a deeper relationship with yourself;

• emerge more empowered and connected;

• thrive in harmony with the whole;

• become awakened to the energy of the universe;

• participate in the evolution of consciousness; and

• start living as a soul enjoying a human existence.

How would your life change if you could learn the steps to transforming your life from just an ordinary ride to a truly extraordinary adventure?

Soul Partnership

Your inner voice constantly speaks to you with love, understanding, and guidance. With intention and practice, you can learn to recognise the way it sounds and feels inside you. The voice of your soul is warm, encouraging, supportive, and loving. It never criticises, judges, pushes, diminishes, or lets you down. It is always there inside of you, waiting to assist you with your endeavours and challenges. Once you become accustomed to recognising and trusting this voice, you will learn to quiet the other very different voice in you, that of the ego. This voice is the constant chatter in your head that wants to drive your life and is the complete opposite to the voice of your soul. Once you have experienced the voice of your soul, you will be able to easily identify when the ego is trying to fill you with its empty words.

       Successful acknowledgment of your true voice is a joyous event in your life’s journey, because it signals a very important milestone. It marks the consolidation and reaffirmation of a relationship that was created at the time of your physical birth: your partnership with your soul. Your soul partnership is the most important of all the relationships in your physical life. This is something that we cannot emphasise strongly enough; unfortunately, people’s relationships with themselves are most often the ones that are relegated, forgotten, and misunderstood. But as you read this book, you are learning to give your soul partnership the importance it deserves. In return, this unique relationship will flood you with many gifts, such as a sense of purpose, feelings of joy, and inner peace.

       Please, don’t let the voice of your soul be drowned by your everyday endeavours. Each day, set aside a few minutes to have a conversation with your soul; check if you are on track, exchange ideas, and see how you are both journeying. This is a holy partnership. Your soul cannot achieve its purpose without your cooperation, total trust, and attention; neither can you have a complete and fulfilling life if you don’t live it from your soul’s perspective in a purposeful way.

       When you live in isolation, disconnected from your soul, you experience life detached from the whole that you are part of. This way of living disrupts the free flow of universal energy to you, through you, and from you to everything else. Your dance with life loses its harmony and its glow, and no matter what kind of life you live, it will never be as happy, joyous, or enlightened as it was meant to have been. When you live in isolation, you are a diminished version of yourself. You are not accessing your true potential, that is, the immense power that is behind you, supporting you, and waiting to be tapped into. Please, honour your relationship with your soul; nurture it, respect it, love it, and rejoice in it. Live each day from the heart of your true, divine self, and see the difference it makes, not only in your own life, but also in the lives of those you come into contact with and those you don’t.

       Remember this: you never walk alone. Spirit is always by your side, waiting to be asked for help, yearning to assist, and brimming with wisdom and knowledge to share with you. Spirit is always with you, embracing each and every step of your path to make your life flow harmoniously through all the experiences you came here to live. Spirit is always with you, even when you ignore it. When you finally accept and understand this truth, you will open the doors for your soul to show itself. You will become less fearful as you accept and feel unconditional love for the power that supports you. You will find the way to summon courage and excitement to face any situation that life throws at you, even the challenging ones, knowing that at any moment you can go within and find all the compassion and strength you need to keep on going.

       You will never feel alone or lonely. You will find the joy and power to live your life to the fullest, with purpose and in unison with the universal dance of the divine. Start today: reconnect with your soul, reignite your partnership with your inner being, and live with purpose.


The Essence of the Whispers of Wisdom from Your Soul

These is what you will discover and learn from Freedom of the Soul


  1. You are a divine, eternal being, a powerful, loving soul living in a perfect physical vessel.
  2. The purpose of this physical life is to be happy and to enjoy the abundance that surrounds you. To that end, you exercise your free will; it is always within your own power to choose where you are going and who you are being.
  3. Love is not inside or outside or all around—in fact, you are love. Moreover, you are part of everything, and everything is part of you.
  4. Accept that you are a physical and nonphysical being—mind, body, and light. Accept your divinity and become whole, and holy.
  5. You are as divine and powerful as the essence that created all. You are God in the flesh. Do not feel bad or uneasy about accepting this truth.
  6. Become consciously aware of who you are, and hold that awareness in your mind as you flow with life. Find your inner light and start acting upon your power.
  7. You each have an equally important place, purpose, and reason to exist.
  8. Love holds everything together; by embedding love into everything you think, do, and are, you can live with purpose.
  9. Become a “human being” more than a “human doing” by being more in touch with our inner light.
  10. The partnership with your soul is the most important of all the relationships in your physical life.
  11. Stop resisting life and instead, embrace it from the heart. Sit still, listen to your soul and trust in its guidance, your intuition. Enjoy the ride, wherever it takes you.
  12. Acknowledge your inner powers, accept and welcome them as a gift from God to you, and integrate them gratefully into your life.
  13. There is nothing that cannot be accomplished, nothing that is impossible when you summon your power within.
  14. The recipe to a fulfilling life is simple and gratifying: reconnect with the light within, unmute your soul, and restore its voice.
  15. Life is a present for you. Appreciate and acknowledge it by being present in life.
  16. The new way of living life simply asks you to experience life from a different perspective, a different point of power, and with a new attitude. This new way of living is really a new way of being.
  17. The power of your thinking not only influences your life, but also connects, works, creates, and collaborates with others at a higher level of consciousness, changing life in this world.
  18. We are all one: physical and nonphysical, material and ethereal, form and spirit. Embrace the concept of oneness and finally give up the idea that you, that we, are separate from everything else.
  19. You are working in synchronisation with other souls; therefore, all your actions have to flow in accord with theirs, like in a dance. Enjoy the knowledge that Spirit is always walking by your side, reminding you that everyone and everything is an active participant of the creation process through the dance of the soul.

Always remember: The ego segregates, the soul integrates. The ego weakens, the soul strengthens. The ego is fearful, the soul is loving. The ego is darkness, the soul is light.

Liliana Vanasco is a life coach, energy therapist, and spiritual teacher. Her spiritual journey inspired her to open up to the voice within and share her insights through writing. Her intention is to assist people in awakening to lives lived in both purpose and partnership with their souls. She currently lives in Australia.

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Your book is a wonderful tool for life. I'm sure you will be able to help so many lives to discover their souls. We all have ups and downs, and this is when your book will become handy. It is a great life-time guide.

I congratulate you in listening to your soul and for following your dream to write this fantastic book!
Mabel Aveda 
I love 'Freedom of the Soul' very speaks to my soul!
It is very special...different to other books I've read. Especially with a book like this I like to devote time and want to do the meditations.
Thank you!
Freedom of the Soul reached me through my daughter-in-law. I am reading it with my husband; I enjoy reading it because I have always been interested in these topics. I am currently reading chapter 8, which is great. Liliana, I would like to tell you we are having the beautiful experience of connecting with you through your book while being inspired at the same time. Thank you.
Elena O 
About your book...your thoughts and philosophy remind me of Louise Hay' style. Reflexion...and meditation help the reader to focus on simple everyday events. Positive and practical for me. Easy to read.
Nawdy R 
This book is simply brilliant! It is changing my life.
Tony S 

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