The Solution is in Your Hands
The Solution is in Your Hands
A Guide for Children's Learning and Behavior Difficulties
Perfect Bound Softcover
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As a parent or teacher of children with learning or behavioral difficulties, you're likely to feel worried or anxious. You might also be frustrated and stressed, having tried a range of things to help resolve the problems without success. In The Solution is in Your Hands, author Heather Dorothy Pollock offers a guide to help parents and teachers recognize children are unique individuals who need a safe, holistic approach, rather than expecting one label or one strategy to fix all.

It encourages the understanding that more of the same-more teaching, writing, homework, or tutoring-isn't the answer and won't effectively change anything. The Solution is in Your Hands provides a greater understanding of what's happening for the children, enabling early intervention, the implementation of strategies, and the celebration of success. It teaches how change will manifest without the need for drugs, counseling, punishment, condemnation, or medical intervention and eliminate the need for travel, appointments, and pressure on the family budget.

Based on her seventeen years of experiences, Pollock shows that with an investment of as little as one hour per month for therapy and fifteen minutes a day for exercises, parents and teachers can effectively achieve sustainable results.

Are you a parent, teacher or another who is concerned about children's learning and behaviour difficulties? You may even be frustrated and stressed, having tried many strategies to help resolve the problems without success. Perhaps you're feeling guilty or want to blame someone, even yourself or the children for not trying hard enough. However, please put all that behind you as change can happen! Children can change. And learn. And grow. In fact, they can flourish. That's because ‘The Solution is in Your Hands for children's Learning and Behavior Difficulties'. Yes, YOUR hands! No fancy equipment. No complicated processes and methodologies. Just your hands, and the healing touch they offer. Yes touch; the most powerful of senses, yet so often under-rated, devalued or discounted is the key to resolving learning and behavioural difficulties. Children are social beings who thrive on contact. They are crying out for the appropriate physical healing touch essential for their development, as much as they are crying out for quality one-to-one time with their parents. Parents, you can deepen your connection with your children by practicing the amazing but simple natural therapy techniques explained in this book. You can treasure these moments together - the love, laughter, play, and soothing touch, while at the same time making a difference. By combining touch with useful strategies, tools and positive thought, a new and optimistic approach will emerge for you and your children. Teachers and other professionals can connect in a meaningful way with children using this information. It will provide a greater understanding of what is actually happening for children - enabling early intervention, the implementation of strategies and the celebration of success within the classroom. Furthermore children themselves can use many of the techniques. ‘The Solution is in Your Hands' can provide you with support for all children while assisting in the following:  Reading, writing and spelling  Learning tables, understanding mathematical processes  Concentration  Memory retention  Following instructions  Fine or gross motor skills  Organisational skills  Inappropriate behaviour  Frustration, anger and anxiety  Restlessness and hyperactivity  Manipulating others  Auditory, visual, sensory or speech difficulties  Using cutlery - a messy eater  Poor sleeping patterns, nightmares or sweats  Bed wetting or soiling  Coping with change  Autistic, Dyslexia or ADD symptoms  And a whole lot more. Varied learning styles are catered for with:  Facts  Lists  Statistics  Proof  Research outcomes  Mind Maps for whole ‘picture' information about each chapter  Graphics and photos for visual understanding  Understanding from tactile ‘doing' strategies  Headings to navigate through information  Short succinct dot points to summarise information  In-depth information to answer your ‘how' and ‘why' questions ‘The Solution is in Your Hands' is written for people with no previous knowledge of body or brain functions. Methods are simple with limited scientific terms. All information is based on sound research supported by a substantial bibliography and extensive professional experience. The text is divided into three levels: Level One - Get Ready! Background information in relation to: • Brain function • Essential development for positive learning and behaviour • The impact of various stresses plus useful strategies • Research Level Two - Get Set! Basic skills and understanding required prior to Level Three. Level Three – Go! Explores what is happening for the child together with: • Behaviours or symptoms • Testing children's development • Strategies and therapies associated with the development of the sensory system, brain, emotional security and health • Home & classroom support • The Learning Enhancement Exercise Program

Heather Dorothy Pollock earned both a bachelor's and master's degree in education. She has diplomas in technical teaching, business studies, and kinesiology. Pollock has seventeen years of hands-on experience as a consultant and therapist in the field of educational kinesiology. She brought to this discipline extensive knowledge and practice in preschool, primary, secondary, and tertiary teaching, with emphasis on special education for those with learning and behavior difficulties.


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