Soul Journey to Love
Soul Journey to Love
100 Days to Inner Peace
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Would you like to reach a state of inner peace, undisturbed by thoughts, feelings, or outside events? Soul Journey to Love contains one hundred inspirational messages, prayers, and processes for you to reflect upon and apply. The messages appeal to those who are interested in meditation and quieting the mind, and also to students of A Course in Miracles and non-dualistic philosophies. By reading these short, devotional entries you can be returned to your true self, to love and to God.

“Consider these 100 inspirational messages as diamonds of wisdom strung together in all their beauty. As with all great wisdom, they have the virtue of simplicity, clarity, and inspiration.”

—Larry Dossey, MD, author of

Reinventing Medicine and Healing Words

“Soul Journey to Love is a fantastic and practical guide to experiencing the Source of Who and What you are, which is Love. Down to earth and easy to read, these pearls of divine wisdom and guidance will transform your experience of life in miraculous ways.”

—DavidPaul Doyle, co-founder, The Voice for Love; author of

5 Steps to Hearing God’s Voice

“Soul Journey to Love is one of those few gems of authentic sharing that ring with a purity of Truth and valid inspiration.”

—Joe Wolfe, founder, Spirit Light Outreach; author of The End of

Reincarnation with The Five Signs and Letter to a Prisoner

How to use this book:
This book is meant to be read and reflected upon as one passage a day for 100 days. If you wish, you can linger on a passage for more than a day. Do not read it all at once as the information builds upon itself with some repetition. You may also be intuitively guided to open to any page and know that it will be the right one for you. The choice is yours. If you feel that journaling your thoughts will help you, then by all means do so.
The book is divided into three parts. Part I contains general and specific instructions in how to quiet the mind and go within. Part II is more explanatory about the mind of God or universal mind and its relation to us and Part III is more lyrical, consisting of prayers and poems. These sections have some fluidity to them and you will find instructions in Part II, explanations in Part I and hopefully, lyricism throughout.
Day 1
In all things hold yourself true And listen to your inner voice.
The thoughts you are thinking are not the true thoughts of love and peace which are your birthright.
Underneath the toil and activity of your day is a stillness within. Seek the way inward and you will find who you really are.
This book will help you achieve this state. It is up to you to continue its work.
Be vigilant about your thoughts, observe them, be loving toward them and let them go.
There is a new universe within you which only you can find. No book can take you there nor tell you what is there, it is only your experience which will teach you.
Each has his own path on the soul’s journey back to its source of love.
Enjoy the ride.
Day 2
Your magnificence as a being is beyond compare. You hold the entire universe in your mind and heart. Your mind can be your friend or foe in case you have not figured that out yet. When you use the expression, I am of two minds, there is a deep knowledge within of which you are not even consciously aware.
Your mind is split between the habituated thought patterns that you have layered upon yourself from the time you could think, from what you learned from your parents, from school, friends, from society and the other mind.
The other mind is your true self, your true being. It has always been there. It is your unique energy signature but it is the part of you that is always connected to God. You hear this part of your mind talking to you when you watch a sunrise in awe, you hear this part of mind when you meet someone as if it is a coincidence, you hear this part of your mind, connected to something greater than you when you are at peace, sitting in a meadow, a church, a concert and you feel that all is well. This is a feeling you would like to have all the time.
But the first mind, the habituated mind, sometimes gets in the way of what we will call open mind. The habituated mind is full of details and worries, what ifs and what to do next. The habituated mind listens to the outside world and reacts to it. The habituated mind tells you that you will not do anything with your life, that you are ordinary and not good enough, that others are wiser, smarter, more handsome, thinner.
The habituated mind is an illusion, a fabrication of your thinking which comes from a distorted view of who you think you should be. As said before it originates in what others think about you and who you should be. And being the social animal that you are, you have complied.
However, this is not the truth about you.
The truth only lies within. In fact, you won’t get it from a book. You will get it from going within yourself, from listening for the tiny stream that connects to the larger river of the universe, the river of God, so to speak. “How do I do this?” you say. “I live a hectic life, always going from place to place. I barely have time to sleep.” And we say, you can slow down at any time you choose: in your car, on the bus or train, on the way to a meeting, in the quiet of a quick shower or a luxurious bath. You can slow down enough to listen to your open mind. It is always best if you can set aside time to go within, to meditate or reflect. But that is often not possible.
And so, if you find yourself walking somewhere alone, even if it is from one end of your workplace to the other, make it a meditation.
Walk and breathe in: I am walking, I am observing, I am living.
Walk and breathe out: I am alive, I am free, I am one with all.
Let the words come to you for your own walking meditation.
It is in the power of observing yourself just a little bit that you break free of the habituated mind. You can notice that
Day 14
Oneness is achieved not from a longing for it but from a knowing that it can be.
Oneness is all there is. There is no more than that.
Know that you can achieve that sense of Oneness with all by just turning your attention to it and away from the worldliness around you.
In your everyday life, you can bring that sense of Oneness with all by preparing yourself beforehand.
Meditating at the beginning of the day to set yourself off on the right foot is the best way to begin.
Meditate on Oneness, on the unity of all things in this world and others.
Relax and feel within yourself the expansion of all within you and all the possibilities you hold.
Accept all thoughts that come to mind and release them. Go through them and allow them to pass through you.
Focus instead on the Oneness of all. When thoughts distract you return to your breath and the sense of Oneness.
Do not feel you need a mantra, a focus of attention. Accept all thoughts that come to you but treat them equally.
Become quiet, very still. And then allow your mind and soul to enter another place, another dimension.
Allow yourself to be transported to a place with no time, no sight, a blank black space where you sit and can receive.
If you wish to ask a question, you may. Or ask to be prompted by the divine for guidance. Or ask what is your purpose for the day.
Breathe quietly and listen within. It will be given to you, always and with great love.
The answers are always there within you. You must tune to the frequency in which to receive. You must know in your heart that you are open and that you can receive at all times.
When you start your day in this way you will be ready for all that comes your way and you will receive much guidance and loving kindness from your innermost being.
As the day goes on, remember the feeling of sitting alone and bring yourself back to it throughout the day even if you are very busy. Thus you will imprint upon yourself a way to be at all times, a way to allow one thought to follow the other but to treat them all equally. For they are nothing but thoughts and they are random even if you later try to make logical sense of them. These are not the thoughts to listen to. The other thoughts, the ones which are true, come from within, not from the mind you know, the mind with which you are familiar.
The thoughts that are true come from a deeper place within you which you can access at any time, but it takes practice to allow them to come to the fore.
Go within at all times and be refreshed. Be renewed. Be at peace. Be at One with all.
Day 72 Always know that you are lovedWhether you are in pain or in joySoak in the ever-present love of God’s lightAnd be One with everythingLove is the only wayAn open heart and a quiet mindWill lead you within To the loving arms of GodWhere you will be joyful and at peace

Irene A. Cohen, MD, is a psychiatrist, acupuncturist, and interfaith minister who has maintained an integrative practice for almost thirty years. After completing the Voice for Love program, she began listening to and writing from a clear inner voice, which some would call the higher self or Holy Spirit. Over the past seventeen years, she has offered workshops on qigong, meditation, color, and sound, and served on the Emotional Freedom Technique Advisory Board.

A native New Yorker, Dr. Cohen now resides in Austin, Texas, with her husband, Michael Nill.



By Molly M.


I'm busy. My mind is everywhere in a day. There's a lot of stimuli happening all around us. It's easy to unconsciously move away from our heart space and inner knowingness on a daily basis.

And it's exactly because of those reasons that I greatly appreciated Soul Journey to Love: 100 Days to Inner Peace. I found each of the daily messages to be a beautiful exhale of loving reminders and insights about our innate wisdom, peace and Love.

Reading a chapter a day is not a new literary concept, but the wisdom and reference to A Course in Miracles coupled with Dr. Cohen's Divine messages makes this resource special. Some daily insights resonated with me very strongly and I referenced them a few times. Her writing style is digestible, straight-forward, and empowering. I like how the book is divided into three parts and a progression of knowledge takes place swiftly and easily. With some chapters I definitely felt a strong energy coming through me - loved that!

For practical purposes, this is an excellent nightstand read before going to bed and upon waking in the morning. It doesn't require a lot of time or a big commitment to starting another book. Each chapter is a simple, quality reminder that we are powerful and Divinely loved at all times.


Dr. Cohen's Soul Journey to Love is a wonderfully inspirational book which will bring the reader closer to Oneness. It is a book of 100 meditations, and it is meant to be read slowly, one meditation a day. Each meditation is thought-provoking and deep in its own way.

Dr. Cohen's book is divided into three parts. Part I focuses on how to quiet the mind and go within. This is not easy given our busy lives. Dr. Cohen shows the reader how to go deeper and deeper with each day's meditations.

Part II explains how the universal mind operates, and how it relates to us. This section is deeply philosophical and psychological in nature. It may be better to spend more than one day on each meditation in this section and really take the time to reflect on the meditation.

Part III consists mostly of prayers and poems. This is the most lyrical section of the book. The prayers are very comforting and soothing. The three parts all complement one another and result in a wonderfully balanced spiritual journey.

I loved the book from beginning to end. I read the whole book through to get a sense of it. Now, I will go back and read one meditation a day for 100 days. What a journey it will be. Finding inner peace is possible even in the hustle and bustle of our busy daily lives. All we have to do is to carve out some time to go deeper and meditate each day. Dr. Cohen will make this process not only possible but enjoyable.

Reviewed by: Irene S. Roth

Rating: 5 Stars


by Dianna H.

This review is from: Soul Journey To Love: 10
Irene Cohen 

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