The Orgasmic Effect
The Orgasmic Effect
A practical guide to using your sexual energy in your daily life and knowing how to stay in charge of the physical emotional and creative levels of your life.
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To access and switch on your Orgasmic Energy keeps your body energized on the mental emotional and physical levels. It’s the most direct way to empower yourself on all levels and give yourself that feeling of well being on a daily basis.

Reading this book will provide you with many insights for a more energized healthy and successful you. Will give you tips on maintaining a great body and considerably slow the aging process. And gives direction in your life for:

  • Natural easy ways of lasting longer in the bedroom for men
  • How to have multiple orgasm experiences for women
  • Tips on Sexual Health maintenance
  • Maintaining healthy Relationships
  • Discover Sexual Energy as the Healing Power inside you
  • Art of Seduction how to please a woman
  • Drop Weight Fast and correct your health
  • Steps on connecting to the Healing Power inside you
  • Dreams and how their meanings impact your life

For men it increases their bedroom pleasure and gives them longer staying power with their partner. For women it enables them to have far greater orgasms than they ever thought possible. Learning to gain control of your energy is achievable for most people well into their 70ys. The ‘Lasting Power’ method has energizing effect and gives you an overall daily boost to your vitality and energy.

An amazing new technique, a long term cure for premature ejaculation and longer staying power easily works for all males. The outcomes of using the technique’ are frequently described as euphoric, ‘magical’, a ‘floating feeling’. It can be described as the ‘missing link’ to prolonged sexual control. Once you learn this simple method it gives you the connection that you have been seeking all these years. The euphoric feeling that a man wants and looks for from his partner.

As therapist, healer, and life coach, I noticed how males talked more freely about their issues when I used massage, which helped me tune in to their energy meridians and chakras. I realized that a great number of males had problems with premature ejaculation associated with lack of self-esteem, self-confidence, and guilt issues regarding under performance. So began my work.

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