Spiritual Vagrancy
Spiritual Vagrancy
and The Art of Skipping Lightly
Perfect Bound Softcover
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This little book arrived in its present form almost by accident. Over the years, I’ve scribbled bits of poems here and there, and while trying to impress a lady, I put about twenty poems together and was astonished when she returned those poems in a startling waterfall of words. This presentation startled me, to see my words displayed in such a chaotic yet evocative manner. She was the first deep voice of encouragement. Sometime later, while in Glastonbury, I found myself inspired to write more poetry, eventually realizing my collection had expanded to a body of work that could be presented in book form. The initial name for this book was Snapshots, which describes my poetry perfectly. Firstly, quick insights into whatever is playing out in the moment … waking up in the morning to a dream continuing. Secondly, reflecting back emotionally the unfinished episodes of yesteryear … a previous landlady wiping out two months’ rent so I could start afresh. Thirdly, joyful ranting on my soapbox, verbally challenging another view. Then there is a prayerful side to it, which I find essential and which is nice to share. Some of these are part of my continuous practice. My present life cultivation is holding with others the energy of “the five-acre field” You will find the five-acre field on the ground where you walk!

A Choice is Made

Drama Queen

Can I compare thee to a wave
that would crash on to the jaggy rocks
that should leap for freedom
through a fountain spray of droplets
soaked in by a clawed root
of a bedraggled wild shrub
that could withstand a gale force
rustle defiant on slated ridge
which any moment will cascade
down into the crashing wave
the wave I compare thee to
Oh slender and fickle emotion
I shall know thee less


Naked words are my undoing
shirtless against your probing gaze
In the rawness of your eye
the hundred little deceits I delight in
become neon lights of my betrayal
Pools of reflection confuse the openness
as my guilt colours your skin
Startled you look away
easing through the confusion I live another day
within the many insecurities
that holds your enticing love at bay

Free if Only?

Awaken in silence
from noise of sleep
Empty, if only for an eye blink
from owning a self
that will write this down
and be accountable


Once I had a problem
once I was the problem
later I shared the problem
until it was resolved

Then I had the solution
then I was the solution
later I shared the solution
until it had evolved

No more was left then
but the soul loosening
all that we are, speaks volumes
‘declares’ soul harmony inclusion

The place of acceptance
beyond minds interception
vibrates, radiates souls
continuous resolution

Back to this moment
All's well and loves true
in eager anticipation
nothings left for us to do
Be the soul loosening
Be the soul loosening
Yes my lovely people
‘We are this continuous resolution’ 

All Change

Touch the hem of reason, feel sure
Then life overturns, leaves uncertainties
Between know and unknown... the escape
Another life perchance
springs round to pertinence See!

No Worries No Mind

Minds but an avenue
minds but a way
Minds but an emptiness
of life's eternal stay

A mind dispossessed
of its own inner cavity
The one mind full of emptiness
of no mind of no gravity

Brings it round to the story
trice in the telling
Your mind and my mind
ever loves place of dwelling

Upholds the clear vision
of life's eternal play
And swims along nicely
in attentive moments of the day

Free from the drama
free from the laws
Of your mind of my mind
The One Mind the true cause
of no mind at all

A Rare Telling

It is the mundane
that carries the true history, is rarely mentioned
It's the digging, before the planting
that raises the ground to a garden
The humble labourer is trusted
The true story teller
That's rarely mentioned

Perhaps then, in the pangs of birth
The Shaman, an authentic voice
labours to expound and belong
In a commissioned reprint
that favours the tyrant king
Chants The Silence...
into a rare truthful validation

Agree Meant

Our opinions are held in a delicate fragment
We agree to differ by a common consent
We accept and concede the views of another
that may well shift the stance to a surprised rediscover
But first my young friend a warning take heed
if you speak only jargon of an old blood stained creed
The toe of a boot a swift kick to the ankle
A dead man's prejudice echoes only as a rankle

Know the spirit lives on, through mind and imagination
Forever evolves in proselytized pollination
You and I a way, an avenue through which
the whole human race rises, abundant and rich...

That is the potential of this upheld sequential...

To give way in an argument of equal conversation
allows a way forward in a mutual adaptation
To come to terms, to be similar, to concur coincide
to achieve a consistence in harmony's provide
So to say my young friend from an untested belief
while selling a product from a judgemental debrief
Say those of a creed are the only ones saved
stands logic on its head all reasoned thought microwaved

Know the spirit lives on, through mind and imagination
forever evolves in proselytized pollination
You and I a way, an avenue through which
the whole human race rises, abundant and rich...

That is the potential of this upheld sequential...

Through a Hedge Backwards

The stunted toe of a relentless masculine deity
paralyses the step, out of a sure footed natural meander
through a sublime criss cross of oscillating energies
Frightens the whole body to a stumble
Fear deepens, squeezes tighter
until innocence is blooded, drops the heart
into a stagnant pool of a dormant fester

Out of this dark stench spring forth in its time
The Ascension Ray
The Lotus Blossom
The Lightness of Being
As we in this ascended moment
claim our rightful identity
The True Authentic Self
through a hedge backwards if needs be

Conspiracy / Vulnerability

Trapped in my own head
feel the dread of it all
Initiate the escape, slide the roof
just to see the stars
Wonder at the twinkle and shine
of it all

The fragile mind
needs a space to play
Needs a kaleidoscope of colour
less it succumbs to the dread
the weariness and control
of it all

Deceit deception betrayal
spins the head round and round and round
of those whom we support
Who hold the dread the fear
the suspicion, the cold heartedness
of it all

Initiate the will, stay as a child
Everyday as a child
twinkle and shine with the wonder
the magic the mystery
with the playful innocence
of it all

For you and I were not born to cry

A Choice is Made

Uphold the highest intention; lifting consciousness
to higher levels of light life appreciation
I choose the place of love
the place of quiet
the place of clarity
I choose the place of the most high
Nothing touches me
that is not of the name and nature
the essence the innocence
of the place of the most high
The place of acceptance
the place that sings my heart
with the sounds of love
that forever enjoys the sweetness
of the small voice within
‘This place of the most high’
my natural inheritance
that maintains and sustains
that enlivens and enlightens
through the simple act of choice
In this I am most humble
within the joyful Place of the Most High


I have arrived
I hang my coat on warm friendship
Rest my feet in fluffy clouds
of 'not knowing'
I am an impermanence
'Eternal Being'
That’s the way Love reveals
Itself... Today

Valentine Molloy arrived in London in 1966, the year of the World Cup and the age of flower power. It was an amazing time. Much later, while studying Lightbody, he discovered Glastonbury, found the spirit of then alive and active today. It is an amazing time now. He was inspired to write this book as a way of saying thank you.

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