Angel Works
Angel Works
Soaring From Abuse To Love, Forgiveness and Enlightenment
Perfect Bound Softcover
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"Have you ever yearned to soar above a world of trouble? If so, prepare to fly! Barbara Anne Rose tells a true story of childhood joy dragged to earth by the weight of confusion, pain, and betrayal. But she gives wing to a spiritual journey and, a little at a time, recognizes the heavenly nature within herself and all of us. And she begins to soar, finding success, renewed happiness, the peace that comes from loving forgiveness, and her own inner divinity (with the help of a very special spirit-friend). How this worked for her-and how it can work for you-is now revealed in Angel Works." -Richard D. Smith This book is a highly inspiring page turning story of a young girl who has survived not only a sexually abusive relationship from her father but also later in life into the arms of a husband who was controlling and abusive. Truth, Love and forgiveness were what young Barbara was searching. Even though Barbara Anne Rose lived through such atrocities she was always a woman who has never given up on her dreams and in finding true love. The source of TrUth she always intuitively knew was about to be known to her at the age of forty four when an Angel Bearer of Light visits her, guides her, helps her and teaches her Universal Truths. She writes in a way that is easily understood giving readers freedom to not just believe in their dreams but the power to do them. She offers her readers tools they can use to better their own lives; young or old, male or female, abused or not abused. Reincarnation, Angels, Higher Beings, Dreams, Being Born, Meditations, Visions, Premonitions, Universal Truths, Spiritual Fearlessness, along with tools any reader can use in their everyday life to better their lives is presented here in Angel Works! As a self help book it is a must read in today's society. It is a book intended for all. Angel Works can change your life if you want it to. Where are you right now in your spiritual evolution? Do you hold hate and judgment or love and forgiveness? Find out now how you can soar in your life.
My mother was a beautiful woman with jet-black hair. Her personality shined through her eyes, her face, her body, and her smile. She had such great eyes of a lovely spirit. She told me I had older brothers and sisters, that I was her eighth child. The two she carried inside her before me lasted for a short period of time, one boy and one girl. She had miscarried. "It is okay," she informed me. "Everything happens for a reason." I loved my mother, and I knew she loved me. She talked so sweetly and so gently and with much care. A beautiful woman my mother was. As I lay inside her, listening to her talk to me, feeling her steps walk us forward around the yard filled with sweet flowers, I smelled roses. All the colors of the rainbow were there. The grass blade tips might have been scorched from the lack of rain that summer brought, but I knew and saw lots of green. The tall trees around the house where we lived were connected to us. My mom told me one of my sisters, the one born before me, was slow to speech. She told me that doctors were doing tests on her to find out what might be wrong, why she didn't function at the normal rate of a four-year-old child. I am sorry, Mommy, that you don't know what is wrong with my sister. The doctors will find out. At least she's healthy. She is so pretty too. I love her, Mommy. Don't worry. I will help you when I am old enough. I promise I will. Daddy will help you too, won't he, Mommy? I thought my daddy loved my mommy. I heard them sometimes when they didn't speak nicely to each other. They didn't know what was wrong with my older sister, but they thought it was Rett syndrome. Daddy was excited for the birth yet to come. I hoped that he would like me. Will I be a good enough daughter for him? I could already feel and tell that he got really angry at Mommy sometimes. Daddy, don't hurt Mommy. She loves you and is doing all she can to make dinner the way you want. Why do you have to be so mean to her? You're not the only one who loves her and lives here, I thought as I lay within my mother's womb.

Barbara Anne Rose is a loving mother of three grown children: Matthew, Jeffrey, and Kelly. She has been an inspiration to hundreds of men and women throughout her adult life, helping people to change their bodies, open their minds, and enlighten their spirits. She has taught exercise to seniors and volunteered her time with those less fortunate. She continues to inspire many men and women through exercise, nutrition, and spiritual fearlessness.

Barbara has had the privilege to be a part of many speaking engagements at churches, businesses, and schools. She has also been featured as a fitness model in magazines and interviewed by newspapers. Two of her works involved television.

Barbara has always had a passion to serve others. This is her first published work.

Barbara is a licensed massage therapist living and practicing in the state of Delaware. She is NCBTMB (National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork) with emphasis on spiritual healing. Look for more upcoming books by Barbara Anne Rose based on relationships, exercise and nutrition and spirituality infused with angel teachings throughout.

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I just finished the book and all I can say is "wow". Not only was it an interesting story of Barbara's life but it also gave me so much to think about. I will definitely have to read it a few times but I really liked the ideas of the "white light" within us and some of the meditation exercises. As someone who always has doubted my worth, it gave me some new confidence in what is great within me. The book has definitely started me on a journey. I don't know where it will end but it will be a hell of a ride.
Joe Kenmack  
Words tend to have powerful meanings. For instance when I was growing up we were not allowed to use the word hate,especially when using it towards another person. My mom would say “You don’t hate them. You just dislike them right now.” Love is another strong and powerful word. It can bring some heartache but when used right it can bring feelings of great happiness.

In Angel Works Soaring From Abuse To Love, Forgiveness and Enlightenment all of Barbara’s words are powerful. She will open your eyes to the spirit that lies in you. She tells her story so you can she is not perfect and she goes through normal everyday struggles. Barbara just does it in an enlightened way. Angel Works can and will change your life for the better but it’s up to you to keep and open mind and heart. Let your inner white light burn bright.

Barbara radiates positive energy where ever she goes and it shows through her words. She loves to help people even if it’s not directly or just by someone reading her book.

I am very excited to see what she will write in the very near future…………

Thank you for becoming a good friend.

Barbara T.
Barbara Trexler 
An amazing book by an amazing wonderful woman.

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