When Glory Got Her Glow Back
When Glory Got Her Glow Back
A Glowworm’s Tale
Perfect Bound Softcover
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When Glory Got Her Glow Back describes the magic that occurs when children from ages five to ninety-five work with the power of color beyond what the eye can see. This pearls-of-wisdom story tells the tale of a glowworm who loses her inner GPS and sets out on a journey to find her inner and outer glow. Along the way, she meets seven delightful creatures that teach her about the human chakra system and the healing power of color.
The day began like any other day. Except when it did not. Today was that day. Glory the Glowworm awakened from her sweet slumber on an elderberry bark leaf, stretched and greeted the morning as she always did, like a child who is curious and fun to be with. Before beginning her day, she inched her way to the nearby spring to freshen her face. As she peered into the cool, clear water, she noticed something odd. Her image, reflected in the water, was not shining. Her magnificent aura, that light that shone around her like a beautiful blanket of color, had dimmed. Glory’s glow did not glow. Where did her glow go? She had to know. So she set out on a mission, a journey to help Glory get her glow back.
Laurel Lund is a certified color and image consultant, interior designer and award-winning writer with over 30 years of color and design experience. Her passion for color helped launch a successful publishing career as an editor of Better Homes & Gardens, Home and Mountain Living magazines as well as founding editor of Natural Home.

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