The Power Of Money
The Power Of Money
How You See Money Is How You See Yourself
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This book could be the mentor that speaks to you and guides you to your truth of how to go about achieving financial abundance. Like so many books written on subjects like the Law of Attraction, making money fast, and creating abundance, this book speaks to the limitation of negative thinking. However, it addresses the unconscious programming that comes ancestrally through each generation, based upon the events of the day. We are the amalgamation of hard times through time, caused by environmental factors, and the buck stops here. Mankind is now ready to get up and resolve it’s dance with limitation and fear. We are ready to live our lives on our terms, thus embracing and achieving our dreams and goals. We are ready to look internally and see into our motivation, releasing our frustration at being lost in the labyrinth of our own unconscious fear of having it all. We are not actually afraid of losing it all; we are afraid of the responsibility of success. This book assists you in looking at your unconscious motivation regarding money.
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Sonia Nadina Haynes is an Emotional Healing Therapist, Motivational Speaker, and Life Coach. An insightful teacher, Sonia Nadina has inspired her clients to their full potential, Sonia’s desire is effect positive change on our planet. She is an online talk show host and avid blogger. She lives in Canada.
I purchased this book and intended to read it in chunks over a week and ended up reading it cover to cover in one sitting. I was absolutely enthralled by the wisdom in this book.

As a business owner managing multiple people/clients/projects.. this book has been an invaluable guide to taking ownership of my thoughts and feelings towards money, and allowed me to grow without fear and limitation. It helped me understand the underlying reasons why certain outcomes resulted the way they did, and how my thoughts played a fundamental role in creating them. It also gave me a huge motivational boost, and I come back and re-read it every so often to remind myself that I have the power to control my relationship with money, not the other way around.

I highly recommend this book for people in any financial situation... from people living in debt to those seeking to sustain their wealth. It has something for everyone.
Ramin S 
While the title The Power of money appears ordinary, the contents of this book were designed to show the reader the extraordinary powers of money and wealth. The book begins with a look at wealth and its impact on the family and shares insight into how money can and does change who we are. The author helps the reader to understand how money controls the individual and how the individual can take control of their financial circumstance. I highly recommend this book for anyone looking to understand how money can impact their daily conditions and how to change for ordinary to extraordinary.
Sandra Haynes 

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