Recognizing a Gift From God
Recognizing a Gift From God
The Diary of an ordinary woman's extraordinary experiences
Perfect Bound Softcover
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This book is a heartfelt account of a lifetime of encounters and experiences revolving around coming to the realization that God and passed loved ones are always with us. My purpose in writing this diary is to help and educate people about the signs they get throughout their lifetime that they are not recognizing and about weird things that happen that they try to rationalize. It is normal to try to rationalize lights turning on or off, or items being moved in your home. It is my hope that you can take these experiences one step further and understand that you are not alone and that these signs are real. In other words, believe your sixth sense. May the white light of divine love and protection be with each and every one of you.
You are reading this book right now because you have a curiosity about what is a chosen one and how that would involve a gift from God through paranormal and psychic experiences. Well I feel compelled to tell you about my life experiences that are absolutely incredible. In the pages to come I will share with you a lifetime of insight that I have gained. I have had a very strong sixth sense (psychic ability) that started as a young child and grew increasingly stronger as I aged, and went full blast in my forties. I now understand that maturity and wisdom, oh, and the biggest thing of all BEING OPEN!! Is how I came to this point?
I sincerely hope reading my diary of experiences will make you feel spiritual, grateful and validated with any sixth sense experiences you have encountered in your own life. Please always believe your gut instinct, (same as sixth sense) it is always right and true and I know too many people who ignore or second guess it, and they miss out on so much. This book contains my experiences psychically, having an earthbound ghost, (spirit). In my home, signs from loved ones in heaven, apparitions, objects materializing and de-materializing etc. Ok now that you know this much let’s get started and I hope my words make you happy, loving, and grateful by the end of this book.
Beth Nevery lives in a small town just outside of Cleveland. She is an instructional aide at her local school district, servicing handicapped and at-risk children. She was compelled and inspired to write this book about her personal experiences with ghosts and spirits that she encountered.

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