Gardens of the Sisterhood
Gardens of the Sisterhood
Create your own mystical garden
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It all started with a 500 lb cement angel brought in on a boom truck.

Create an empowering mystical garden around a sculpture, chimes, or entryway. Enter the gateway to angelic dimensions of the sacred feminine. Attract like minded friends and spiritual business through the Zen of your own sanctuary. Welcome to the Gardens of the Sisterhood.
Ground Messages through Spiritual Tools Before creating a mystical garden space, I use a deck of Tarot in the same way a water stick finds a well. Placing the cards on the ground I envision the meditation sanctuary, and channel the lands vital spiritual message. • Alone, or with wine and like minded friends, you may wish to use a quartz crystal pendulum for receiving and amplifying ground energy. • You may spread rune stones on a cloth above the chosen mystical meditation space for a message. • A ceremony honoring the earth, much in the way Native Americans gave thanks to the animals they hunt for food, shows honor to the ground. • You may choose to say a ceremony prayer such as, “Holy Goddess and Angels, mother of earth, mother of us all, guide my heart and mind as I interpret the Land’s message to me.”

My name is Ann Marie and I am a National Intuitive Adviser, Author and Radio Host. One Mothers Day a 500 lb cement Angel flew in on a boom truck and settled in the front of my studio garden, a gift from my husband. This began my incredible journey with Intuitive Gardening and conservative neighbors who watched at first suspiciously, but soon, with smiles as the lane became a sanctuary of Zen chimes, stone angels and feng shui peacefulness.

Like many Light Workers, I found that I could live in a small quaint town and harvest the work once only possible in a big city, {via internet marketing}. Being accepted by the community becomes important as how we define our mission through our gardens or shop entrance acts like a magnet in attracting like minded friends and clients.

Wind chimes represent the spiritual voice. Garden paths make for wonderful coffee meditation and sculptures represent our mission. Flowers, Feng Shui, Water features, an arch, soul palate flowers, coffee or tea all say to a conservative community “I’m safe".

I wrote this book as a picture journal guide, offering inspiring passages and tips on how you too can stand out as an irresistible sanctuary that melts the hearts of cars and walkers strolling by. Welcome to the Gardens of the Sisterhood



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