On Wings of Dreams
On Wings of Dreams
A Soul-Inspired Memoir
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Strong tradition and creativity flourish in the home of Emma Aileen Morgan, a young woman with three sisters who all come of age in the turbulent 1960s. When she moves away from home and becomes a professional dancer, Emma’s physical strength and external confidence thrust her forward. But inside she is carrying emotional confusion rooted in childhood experiences she hasn’t shared with her sisters.
An ill-destined marriage, betrayal, and unexpected losses cause Emma to question why her life has brought her so much adversity. The breaking down of her old life cuts a new path. Answers come through inner guidance when she starts remembering and documenting her nightly dreams.
Emma chooses to step into an alternative relationship and further changes her life direction by leaving the dance world to study the healing arts. Revelations and metaphysical experiences catapult her onto a conscious spiritual path that transforms the way she looks at the world. Her self-inquiry and change shake the foundations of her intimate partnership.
Jan Johnson sheds a light on the stories we tell, the beliefs we cling to, the power of dreams, and the process of spiritual awakening. In this account of her search for her own truth, Johnson offers tools that have the potential to help readers find their own higher understanding.

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Jan Johnson has been a dance teacher, process-oriented bodyworker, and dream interpreter for over twenty-two years. She lives in Connecticut, where she assists clients in processing their life journeys through the use of Process Acupressure, Craniosacral Therapy, energy balancing, and dreamwork. Please visit Jan at: www.onwingsofdreams.com.

I really loved this book. The learning from dreams, the path to spirituality, seeking one's truth and acting on it takes the reader on a journey with the author. Relationships, love and loss help us to see who we are on our own paths. This book gives us the tools to work with if we wish to do that.
K. Russell 
This book moved me to tears. And it lifted me at a time when I very much needed to look inward and up. I feel so grateful to this author for sharing her story, because I think there's something about it that we all share.
Nancy Moore 

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