Use Your Body to Heal Your Mind
Use Your Body to Heal Your Mind
Revolutionary Methods to Release All Barriers to Health, Healing and Happiness
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Psychologist Henry Grayson has found that everybody desires a healthy and happy life, yet virtually everyone subconsciously feels they don’t deserve it.  This unconscious mindset has a direct negative impact on our ability to prevent and overcome ongoing illnesses and unhappiness.


Combining quantum physics, neuropsychology, world wide spiritual wisdom, and scientific research, he has been able to release the effects of negative beliefs, various types of remembered and unremembered traumas and our unconscious downloads which result in keeping us unhappy and sick.


Dr. Grayson has developed a step-by-step formula to identify barriers (mostly limbic system imprints) and remove them.  You will become aware of and learn ways to:


-Stop the repetitive, destructive and unproductive thought and behavior patterns


-Clear unconscious, yet common obstacles to healing, health and happiness


-Understand why simply removing SYMPTOMS with drugs, and external solutions rarely eliminate the causes of illnesses so that recurrences are more likely


-How to embrace your infinite power for self healing so that you don’t have to rely on physicians or drugs each and every time you have a symptom


-Incorporate subtle energetic tools to re-program your mind so that you can stop emotional and physical stress in its tracks and begin to heal immediately

Forget Re-covery; Choose Dis-covery We do not need to re-cover that which made us sick. Instead, we must dis-cover or remove the covering from as many of those issues as possible. As much as we declare our desire to be healthy, most of us have unconscious (though sometimes conscious, too), opposing forces or beliefs deep inside us, which fuel our need to hold on to our symptoms. Unfortunately, rational solutions and more information will not touch many of these hidden dimensions, which are embedded in memory cells from early childhood or even earlier. Cumulative traumatic or other painful developmental experiences as well as adult traumas are stored in the survival brain, the limbic system, as information and capture much of our energy, resulting in a reduced immune response. Numerous studies now show that there is a stunning connection between uncleared past traumas and current illnesses. This book will present a number of practical, effective and revolutionary methods for identifying and clearing out the effects of these painful imprints which will in turn free up energy necessary for healing and sustaining health. When we get sick, we tend to blame something outside ourselves, such as “I caught that bug that is going around.” Or we will project the power in our minds and give the power and intention to some part of our bodies, as in the statements we often hear: “my back is killing me,” or “my stomach has been bothering me.” Then, out of this false belief of a lack of power, we tend to run to the doctor to get the latest magic pill which we hope will cure us. Growing numbers of self healers have demonstrated that this is just not necessary. Nor are so many of our more serious and even life-threatening illnesses inevitable. We do not have to live in the illusion of powerlessness. But then, as Ralph Waldo Emerson put it, “people only see what they are prepared to see.” We hope that this book will aid in your preparation to see your greater potentiality. From our childhood and adult pains and traumas, we might have drawn conclusions about ourselves, particularly about what we do or do not deserve and what is safe or dangerous. If, for example, we have concluded that “I do not deserve a healthy life,” no amount of medicines can change that at the core level. The software, or underlying story or events that helped shape such a belief must be changed in order to give our cells different messages. If the belief is not changed, we will continue to have difficulty getting away from unhealthy life style habits or sustain healthy habits of exercise, nutrition, stress reduction, and constructive thought patterns. Consciously, most of us would say that we deserve a healthy life. However, as I discovered in my practice and in polls around the country that most people who have ongoing ailments carry not just one, but often numerous opposing beliefs as well as uncleared traumas at an unconscious level. I also discovered it by looking inside myself. Unless these beliefs and traumas are cleared, one’s overall state of illness is unlikely to change in an ongoing way. This book will show easy and effective, but uncommon means by which we can identify whether we carry such unconscious traumas and beliefs, and offer simple and powerful tools which can be used for changing that internal software so we can have healthier and happier lives. This is not a book about blaming the victim. This statement cannot be made too often. Too many people have misinterpreted books on self-healing to mean that we must blame others or ourselves for being sick. This is the way of the egoic mind to divert us from our internal healing power so we will stay stuck in guilt or our suffering, or continue to keep getting sick. But there is never a need for blame! Instead, this is a book about finding, embracing, and learning to use our internal power to heal and to remain in health while un-covering more of our True Self in the process. Guilt would only make us more likely to get sick. And especially, it is the part of our minds which would keep us from embracing our immense internal power to heal and be happy. Instead, we can take the unconscious use of our power which made us sick and use this same power instead for healing and health. This, therefore, is a book about how we can dis-cover, that is, take the cover off, not re-cover the cause, and use the phenomenal healing force within us which most of us have glimpsed only on rare occasions, and even then, only to a minor degree. You will also learn about a part of our minds which I call the false self or ego mind, that would like us to forever disown this power and see ourselves as victims whenever we get sick physically, emotionally, or in relationships. If we allow this illusory part of our minds to make us guilty or fall into blame, we can actually keep ourselves in the state of sickness. In USE YOUR BODY TO HEAL YOUR MIND, you will learn specific techniques that you can do at home that will enable you to identify, access, and then clear underlying traumas, as well as negative beliefs, negative downloads, thoughts, and emotions. If you are a health or mental health professional, you will learn how to use this perspective and these techniques with your patients in highly effective ways. You will see how your unique cycle of interactions among these aspects of your false self are holding you and your patients back from true health, healing, and happiness. Even friends and family members can use them with each other. But if the problem is complex, it may be more helpful to find a well-trained professional to do the work with you. This is not meant to replace regular medical interventions, but to augment them. (In the Appendix you will find such resources.) This book is not just about how we can quickly nip in the bud many of our symptoms, avoiding much unnecessary suffering, and heal ourselves from many symptoms that have already taken hold. But more importantly, we can dis-cover the inner causes behind our physical symptoms, and the barriers to letting them go. In learning effective ways to attend to them we bring about a more basic and lasting health and healing. Even more importantly, we can learn how to not feel victimized by our bodies and our symptoms, but instead learn from them, and access increasingly more of our own internal Power for health, wholeness, and happiness. We may not learn to prevent or heal from every single ailment, but what if we could prevent or heal 50% or 75% or more? And what if we could become happier, be healthy more of the time, and uncover our true Self, our inner healer, in the process? How did most doctors and nurses in Europe during the middle Ages survive when they were exposed daily to the Black plague which killed one third of its population. Could it be that their compassion and desire to be of help made their immune systems stronger? Or could they have had thoughts that made a difference, such as, “I cannot get sick; I am a doctor.” One historian explained the cause of death regarding the plague in Europe in this way: In Hamburg, 100,000 people died: 50,000 died from the plague and 50,000 died from fear. This insightful historian begins to take us to answers that are beyond the common mechanistic view of people and medicine, where the body is viewed as a machine and a body part is what needs to be fixed, and is largely separated from our mind and from Source. Beyond this old view, a new paradigm has emerged from the new sciences and ancient spiritual wisdom that sees an invisible, yet extremely powerful universe, one where it is mind energy and consciousness that rules, not matter! Though not wanting to admit it consciously, many people, perhaps even most of us, want to remain essentially as powerless victims, seeing the cause and the cure of our symptoms as external. This book is for those who are tired of feeling powerless and tired of

Dr. Henry Grayson is a scientific, spiritual, mindbody psychologist who founded and directed the National Institute for the Psychotherapies in New York City. He is the author of Mindful Loving (in it’s twentieth printing), the bestselling Sounds True Audio Series, The New Physics of Love, as well as co-author of three professional books. Dr. Grayson integrates diverse psychotherapies with neuroscience, quantum physics, subtle energies with Eastern and Western spiritual mindfulness. He practices in New York City and Connecticut. His web site is:


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