True Health and Happiness for the Empowered Woman
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“Sue Van Raes has taken on a beautiful mission – to help heal the feminine when it comes to food, body and soul. Health Wise is a wonderful gathering of resources, information, wisdom, and story that touches the heart and reminds us that the journey of a woman is unique, special and powerful. The simple and practical nutrition insights that Sue offers is a great distillation of some of the more useful health principles of our times. This book is clear, honest, heartfelt and much needed.”

—Marc David, Author and Founder of The INSTITUTE FOR THE PSYCHOLOGY OF EATING

“We all need an owner’s manual to our own bodies. Sue Van Raes’ Heath Wise offers us just that. Written in a style that allows the reader to feel as though Van Raes is a trusted girlfriend, sharing secrets to health over a cup of comforting herbal tea, Health Wise is the book many of us have been looking for to provide the suggestions to reboot our own lives. As a twenty-year practitioner of holistic disciplines including Yoga and Ayurveda, I learned many key lessons from this book and look forward to sharing it with my students and clients”.

—Felicia Tomasko, Editor in Chief, LA YOGA and Find Bliss magazines

HEALTH WISE is designed to be a place where women can turn to find support, guidelines, and strategies to make a breakthrough in whatever area of health they yearn to transform.

HEALTH WISE is also a place where women can listen to the personal stories, successes, and wisdom of many other women sharing their experiences. With this insight you will find your own inspiration and connection to female empowerment, to our lineage as women, and to how the planet and our times are in dire need of a resurrection of the feminine.

This renewed and revolutionary quest deep into women’s health and happiness will illuminate your path to passion and purpose.

HEALTH WISE is about being a woman, a woman with a passion to do things differently. Imagine thriving in every area of your life, and finding a path filled with all that we women generally want in our lives: balance, passion, inspiration, creativity, love, the list goes on. When we begin to thrive, we begin to feel great about ourselves, and it shows. Imagine if your life felt like it was totally in alignment, from the inside to the outside. WOW!

Here we are entering into this experience together. This book is a wonderlust, a personal quest, an opportunity to invoke true inner connection and spirit. This quest, a microcosm for every aspect of life, is one that is based on finding pleasure, joy, grace, and inner peace, while breaking free, into our most authentic selves. It is about lifting the masks, so to speak—the masks we wear as we embrace the world, but also the masks we live behind, hiding even from ourselves. Health Wise offers empowering work and inspiration that will guide you further down the road to contentment and self-awareness.

Each of these chapters will take us on a journey, diving deeper and deeper into ourselves. We will study, understand, reveal, and remember some of the most innate parts of who we are and what we are here to do. This journey together is about removing the blocks so our spirit is free to flow through us. It is both about practical tools and exercises to help us see ways to move through life with ease and grace, as well as internal experiences that will rock your world. You will have many breakthroughs I guarantee. Be prepared to have one of the most amazing experiences of your life. Intend to create a space where you will stretch out into your full potential of joy and radiance.

SUE VAN RAES is a dynamic and passionate Nutritional Therapist and Health Coach in Boulder, Colorado. Sue specializes in women’s health and hosts both individual programs, and on-going women’s groups and retreats, both locally and internationally.

HEALTH WISE is a culmination of her life’s continual self-study and work as a Nutritional Therapist, Health Coach, and Yogini. Follow her on Facebook at Health Wise Woman, or visit her at


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