The Soul of a Dog
The Soul of a Dog
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Do you love dogs and nature?

Would you like to understand the soul energy of dogs on a conscious and higher soul level?

Would you like to know what happens to dogs following their life on earth?

Have you lost a special furry friend and found the grief immeasurable?

Have you wondered how you will cope when your furry friend dies?

Would you like to have an ongoing connection with your dog following his death?

Would you like to improve your communication with your dog?

The answers to these questions and more can be found in The Soul of a Dog. Dr. Nicol Louise and her canine co-author, Cinda the curly-coated retriever, offer guidance that allows dog lovers to really explore what’s going on in the world—
as their dogs see it.

Cinda shares her dog’s-eye view to give readers a rare glimpse into the personalities of dogs, why dogs continue to visit earth and support their human neighbours, and why dogs have a limited level of free will in comparison to humans. This handbook offers practical guidance on working through issues of grief and loss. Death does not mean disconnection from love, and impermanence is a transition from a physical being to a timeless and limitless energetic being.

The Soul of a Dog

The Soul of a Dog is a personal development journey and a self-help tool. The Soul of a Dog is a journey into the exploration of grief and loss following the loss of a cherished and furry friend. The book explores the nature and personality of dogs. Starting with the home coming of a new member of the family and offering advice on how to support a dog to settle into their new environment. The book offers an opportunity to see beyond the physical nature of dogs and to see the spiritual energy of dogs; to understand their sixth sense and ability to live in present time consciousness. The book explores the difference between humans need for free will and a dog’s need for a more limited type of free will that seems to leave many of the stressors behind that humans experience.

The book offers further rare insight into grieving following the loss of a dog and offers a deeper insight and meaning to this loss. Humans often mask their deeper feelings and emotions when they lose an animal and feel that such deep feelings are inappropriate. However the truth is that love is real and animals have the ability to show complete unconditional love that is valued and cherished by humans. Therefore humans learn to reciprocate feelings of unconditional love back to animals.

The book explores energy beyond the fourth dimensional where polarities of an extreme nature exist. The book focuses on mindfulness and the importance of opening ones heart and expanding one’s mind to the mysteries that surround us all. Also, practical ways of working through grief are explored as well as ways of remaining connected to loved ones who have physically left our world however the essence of their energy remains.

The book introduces a theory which I have termed the ‘expansion process’; describes how people often have a feeling of energy expansion during meditation. The feeling is similar to the process of the soul when entering a new life on earth and in reverse when leaving a life on earth.
The book explores various experiences for animals including the following: dying before birth; the abused dog; the dog given away to someone new; abandonment for dogs; guidance from dogs; dogs and loneliness; healing quality of dogs; dogs in their world; other animals; humans and dogs in the after world; collective consciousness.

This is a unique book that introduces some new topics and ventures where many authors are not prepared to go.  The book also offers an opportunity of personal development through obtaining mastery over thoughts and gaining a greater understanding of energy and greater opportunity to create through intention. The Soul of a Dog has been written from our hearts with love. We hope that you enjoy this book and we sign off with love and gratitude; Nicol and Cinda.   


Cinda was our beautiful girl—a black, curly-coated retriever and the love of our lives. When I thought about writing this book, I was suffering from the loss of Cinda’s life, and I felt as though her presence was still very close to me. I have always had a strong connection to all animals and felt at one with nature. I have felt especially connected to dogs and had dogs as a part of my family for my whole life. I remember the times when I felt incomplete in my life. In such moments of time, there was not a dog present. Dogs fill my life with joy. They give my world meaning. The unconditional love they provide is immeasurable. When I lost Cinda in the physical, my grief was unbearable for the first three weeks. I took two days from work followed by a weekend and then returned, because people could not relate to extended leave over the loss of a dog. I struggled with work for many weeks. The loss for me was deeper than I had ever experienced. I saw Cinda every day, and much of our lives revolved around one another. With Cinda, I felt as though a part of me was gone, and I could never find this again. The sadness gradually turned to joy as I remembered all the fun times we shared together. Eventually, my husband and I were ready to expand our family with another furry friend. I looked for a book specifically on the loss of a dog in bookstores. Although they might exist, I could not find one. I wondered how many people have searched for such a book to no avail. I know there are dog lovers out there who grieve as I grieved, so I decided to write this book.

This book has a slightly different slant than a general book related to grief and loss. As a doctor in counselling, I have explored many different forms of therapy. I have an interest in the less familiar forms of therapy which work on an energetic level and create great shifts in people. I have integrated some of this work into the material of this book. In addition, I view the world that we live in as merely a fourthdimensional aspect of ourselves. As a result, I have found it quite easy to have a relationship with fifth, and sixth dimensions of reality. I have always found this quite natural. I realise that for many, there will be some new concepts and schools of thought in this book. I ask that people read with an open mind. I expect there will be something for every dog lover. If a section does not resonate with the reader, then I suggest the reader move on to the next section. Many practices are suggested which support the reader in remaining close to the energy of their furry friend. All of the meditations can be applied to connecting with humans as well as animals. Humans have a slightly different existence, because they experience complete free will. Dogs do not experience the same level of free will for reasons well-explained in this book. I have also introduced a new idea which I have called the expansion process. I feel this relates to every living being following death, as the soul/spirit leaves the body and prepares to enter higher vibration levels than those found on earth.

This book is written from our passion, from our soul/spirit, and from our heart to your heart. I hope you enjoy this book. There might be parts which sound bizarre to you. Overnight, you can allow them to settle into the already-knowing mind of your soul/spirit. Always allow your heart to guide you.

With love and gratitude, Nicol and Cinda

Pt. 1 Understanding the soul energy of dogs on a conscious and higher soul level

Finding one another

Throughout this book, I will frequently refer to your dog as your furry friend or loved one.  Your dog assumes a place of importance within your family unit and indeed your life. They consider themselves a member of your family and your household is a part of their clan or their pack. The understanding and importance that you place on their being with you and having a recognized place within the family supports them to settle within the family and give freely of themselves. They need to know that they are wanted, cherished and loved.

Dr. Nicol Louise was raised in Adelaide, South Australia, and has a doctoral degree in counselling from the University of South Australia. Nicol is passionate about the health of animals and the environment, practices Holographic Kinetics on animals and people, and has an interest in holistic therapies, including the field of epigenetics.

I had lost a dog that had been a close friend to me. I found the book really useful and helpful. I also thought it would be useful for my clients who have experienced loss. I have learnt a lot about myself too.

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