Living In The Psychic Realm
Living In The Psychic Realm
Perfect Bound Softcover
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This is the true-life story through the eyes of eight-year-old Jethro, part Native American Indian, who is born with the psychic gift. He is forced to realize that not everyone sees and hears what he sees and hears when his gift becomes heightened after a near-death experience. It is humorous yet heartwarming as he attempts to reject the gift, then with the guidance and mentoring of his devout godmother learns to accept and embrace his potential to help others. The battle between the light and dark energies is eye-opening to both believers and non-believers of the psychic realm. The refreshing perspective of youth illuminates paradigms of traditional good vs. evil and clarifies common misconceptions of what it means to be psychic. It is written in an easy-to-read, unpretentious style yet addresses eternal life-concepts. The book is a must-read for anyone who has ever felt "different" and an inspiration to develop one’s own intuitive senses.

To begin this story, I would like to start with the first psychic experience that changed my life forever. I have always been able to see energy fields around people, and until this experience I had thought that everyone else saw and heard the same things that I saw and heard. When I look at people, I can see their energy, their aura, which is oval, like an egg shape, and each person’s energy is a different color, depending on the person’s mood or personality. My godmother Maggie had been teaching me what the different colors of a person’s aura meant. But this was the first time that the energy I had seen actually looked like a real person and not just an energy force.


I was eight years old and my godmother Maggie and I were running frantically to church to be there on time. Maggie was my babysitter according to the rest of the world, because Maggie lived in the rental house that my parents rented out. I do not remember a time when Maggie was not a part of my life. Maggie was a petite, ninety-eight pounds with all-grey hair that she kept up in a bun at the back of her head. I know that Maggie was older than my parents and close to eighty, because on her last birthday my mother had told me that she did not know what to get an over-eighty-year-old woman for her birthday. She told me this when I asked what my mother thought I should get Maggie for her birthday. I will refer to her as my first psychic teacher, because that was what she was to me.


I loved Maggie dearly and knew that she was very psychic. She was teaching me that different energy colors around people could mean different things. For instance, red energies in an aura meant that you were angry or frustrated. I knew a reason Maggie was red that day was because she was angry at her vehicle, so I was staying very quiet. We were running late because Maggie’s old Chevy had just stopped running and Maggie and I had to push the vehicle off of the road at least a good ten minutes away from the church. Because of this, we had begun to walk toward our church, making us late for the nine o’clock service that we were heading to. Being angry could be why her aura was red or showing signs of red. As Maggie and I approached our church, I became really excited as I saw a large, red energy standing in front of our church. I could see the large energy a good two blocks away from us and could tell from the sounds emanating from the church that the service had already started.


As we began the last block that was left between us and the church, I could tell that the red energy ball that I had seen was actually a white, clear light energy with a red energy inside of the energy ball. It was the size of a large man, probably about six foot two. I would guess clear white would be a highly spiritual vibration, being godly or divine, was what Maggie had told me that clear white meant. I could tell by Maggie’s face that she was in no mood to talk and was not happy that we were late getting to the church. I could now make out that we were not the only ones late. The widow Clark was also late getting to the church this Sunday morning.


The widow Clark was a very large woman who was at least six feet tall with red hair and a large body frame, well over two hundred pounds. She was standing at the foot of the brick stairs that led up to the church. The widow was standing there staring up at the church clock as if in disbelief that the time was ten minutes after nine. The energy that I had seen standing at the church was a man who was very red and familiar. I now recognized him as the late Mr. Clark. He was the widow’s husband and was obviously frustrated at his wife whom he was speaking to. He was standing about an inch from her back and it was quite apparent that he was being ignored by his wife. I tried to slow down but Maggie kept a firm hand on my arm, pulling me forward toward the top of the church stairs. This was the first time that the energy I had seen around people actually looked like a real person and not just an energy force. This was also the first time I could hear the energy speaking words. My godmother Maggie and I were walking fast and frantically and passed the widow. With only a slight, polite hello and a quick glance, we were past her and on the next step ahead of her. I heard the late Mr. Clark say to the widow that he knew where the rings were and that if she would do as he said, she would find them.


The deceased Mr. Clark was also a very large man. Even though he was standing behind the widow, he still was a good three inches taller than his wife. He was talking to the widow as if he knew that she could hear him and was telling her that she needed to look in the old Navy chest for her rings that she was looking for. I thought that everyone there could see him and hear him. The widow Clark obviously was not understanding him because he had been speaking rapidly, so when we stopped at the top of the stairs, I asked him to stop talking so fast. My godmother Maggie looked at me with astonished eyes and pulled me into the church. As we sat down at our usual pew in church, Maggie whispered to me, “The widow can’t see him, only you and I can see him and hear him.” She then smiled softly at me with her gentle blue eyes. I looked into them and heard her say psychically that the gentleman was the widow’s late husband, Mr. Clark. She then said psychically that he was with the angels and on the other side.

Jethro Smith, part native American Indian, is a natural-born intuitive and has always been able to see auras and energies around people. His gift was heightened after a near-death experience, and in kindergarten he began reading his friends' auras and listening to their angels and loved ones who had crossed over. Jethro is a reverend residing in Florida and has been professionally serving others for over 30 years.
Jethro's NEW book "Living In The Psychic Realm"... truly should be made into a movie, So reminds me of the great novel ;

"TO KILL A MOCKING BIRD" style of writing .

Jethro's, expresses his experiences and mentor MAGGIE in the light that makes one , READ on with eagerness to learn more ! I have had the pleasure of having been read by Jethro and his generosity was refreshing in a world full of shallowness and greed. He is truly an honest man, which a gift.

Thank you for your kindness..Atlanta GA
Pamela Mason 
WONDERFUL story teller! I knew a lot of the Harry Potter material was true to life, but now I realize much, much more of it is! . . . I've been much more aware of my breathing, and my dreams, and am trying to meditate and pray again. The book has been on my mind CONSTANTLY!
Karen Brackett 

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