Nothing Is As It Was
Nothing Is As It Was
Every Day Is Remarkable and Remakable
Perfect Bound Softcover
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"Nothing Is As It Was" offers 33 life-encouragements, employing bold colorful heart-filled & soul-lifting images combined with poetry using advise and depth for a sweet journey. This sequential melange of inspiration to live a self-inspired and simple life gives you strong yet endearing prompts for daily contemplation. Here is rich permission to receive a delightful healing through awareness of the world around and within yourself.
Whether you are on the cusp of something yet to be understood, or actively plumbing your depths, or in the stasis of wondering what is next, you have the grace to sit in your peace, as well as dance your passion! This collection is for you to take pause, to luxuriate in a moment, then be invigorated, and find a bit to use to go forward. I give these painted visuals and words from my pathways, my art. Love Freshly! I invite you to cultivate relationships in bounteous Nature; to inform your days with this majestic quality of information. I offer you a stepping stone, a broader paddle, a soothing hand, using fun and beauty and color and permission.
Cherilyn strolls the wilderness, drums and dances. Literally bringing the outside-in and the inside-out is what this artist and poet does throughout her life, seeking the natural way and incorporating nature's beauty in her daily practices. Cherilyn lives in the San Juan Mountains in southwest Colorado with her bully dogs and empress kitty.
What a marvelous blend of rich natural color, organic wisdom, nourishing inspiration and comfort to the eyes, mind and soul! Every image dances! Like the artist, this beautiful book is a treasure. Thank you!

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