Have a Life Attack
Have a Life Attack
Live, Love, and Laugh Full Out
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Thousands of people across the globe sit in offices and homes on a daily basis and feel completely bored, frustrated and stuck. They desperately wonder why they have zero excitement for their life journey and what they could do for this to really change. Have a Life Attack provides some simple and practical suggestions for you to use on your journey of discovering true life passion and purpose. Arising from a near-death experience, Have a Life Attack uses Sean’s twenty-year experience as a reluctant pharmacist—along with valuable lessons learned from embarking on his own Life Attack journey—to encourage you on a similar path of challenging the status quo of your work, love and laugh lives. Have a Life Attack incorporates inspiring stories and insights from friends, professionals, and mentors who have encouraged Sean along the way. “Have I really lived, have I really loved, and have I really laughed in life?” If your answer to this question leans in any way toward no, then Have a Life Attack is tailor-made for you.

Are you On Purpose? “Life loves the liver of it.” Maya Angelou There is nothing quite like the feeling of taking life by the horns, staring it in the eyeball and willing it do what you want it to do. It is similar to that sensation you get during a rugby match after smashing an opponent into the ground ‘boots an’ all’, or after taking a piece of clay, wire or fabric and successfully molding it to the shape you desire. In both instances, you have plotted a particular course, decided on the outcome, and then tried your hardest to bring that outcome into reality. The attempt, followed by a measure of success, is extremely rewarding. Although many of us know how to plan or dream on a small scale to achieve results in our lives, the truth is that very few of us have been taught or have learned the art of living every aspect of our lives on Purpose. To lives one’s life on Purpose is, quite simply, to not live it by mistake. To live one’s life on Purpose is to have a rudder on one’s Life Boat , supplies in the cabin and a direction in which you are specifically headed for a specific reason that is specifically yours. Living on Purpose is living on course - with your daily activities and actions working in congruence with your passions, dreams and vision for your life. To live one’s life by mistake, on the other hand, is to bob around in your Life Boat with no rudder, no supplies and possibly no cabin - leaving the outcome largely up to fate, wishful thinking, other people and external influences, all mixed in with a sizeable measure of good luck. When you land up on islands and reefs that you had no intention of reaching, feeling bored, hollow, under-utilized, disillusioned, frustrated and possibly wet, you wonder how it can be so. You watch others whizzing past with grins on their faces, the wind of success in their sails, and you feel jealous. The truth is that you are off course to your dreams and life vision. You have been living by mistake. As I coach and speak to people around the country, I ask them the following pressing question: WHAT IS YOUR PURPOSE? About 95% of the people I meet do not have the foggiest idea and usually answer my question with a blank stare! They do not know the why of their existence and, because they do not know their why, they may live with feelings of insignificance, frustration and a nagging sense that things are not quite as they should be. This is tragic! If you are one of these 95 %, who are still paddling in circles, uncertain of the direction you should take in life and the reason you should take it, I urge you to read on. My hope is that as we journey through the pages of this book together, you will allow me to come alongside you on your journey of discovering your ‘why’ and that this will bring about change and purposeful living. Your ingrained potential is just bursting at the seams to be recognized and released. Your purpose preceded your person and is crying out to be appreciated and lived into! It might need some dusting and polishing; it might be buried deep under a forgotten box somewhere on your Life Boat right next door to your hopes and dreams; it might surprise you immensely when you finally find it; it is there, waiting for discovery, acknowledgement and a good workout. The Life Attack Challenge is a process of discovery that we all must journey on if we truly want to live full lives! Are you ready?

South African–born funny guy Sean Willard is an intuitive coach and public speaker who loves to coach, motivate, and help release the potential in people who feel stuck! Sean has twenty years of experience in the business world as a qualified pharmacist; he is also a dedicated husband and a father to two children.


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