The Alchemy of Divorce
The Alchemy of Divorce
Embracing the Journey from Heartbreak to Hope
Perfect Bound Softcover
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After reading The Alchemy of Divorce: Embracing the Journey from Heartbreak to Hope, you will be inspired to move through each step of your divorce, creating positive outcomes.

You will:
• Learn how to move positively through your grief and reclaim your life path.
• Rediscover the joy of being on your own, even if it’s what you’re most afraid of now.
• Raise your self-esteem and resist dwelling in depression.

Lana Foladare, MA, CPCC is a dynamic speaker, relationship coach, and single parent who worked through her own painful divorce in 2005. She has made it her mission to help other women journeying through divorce to regain their solid footing and create a life truly worth living. She combines her knowledge of psychology, intuitive gifts, and coaching, to help her clients live their soul’s purpose. She can be reached at:

“After I first moved out, I literally had no idea what I truly liked and disliked anymore,” said Maureen. “It was as if my constructs of who I am, were gone. I bought green grapes only to discover I really only like red grapes. If I was buying food for myself that I didn’t like, how many other things in my life were not true reflections of myself? “All of a sudden so many decisions felt paramount. The number of things I had to decide on was overwhelming. AND I had the power to make these decisions all by myself now, which is something I hadn’t felt in my marriage. “You see, during my marriage I had been living an illusion. I was kind of dead to life, just walking through it—you know, 2.5 kids and a dog kind of thing. I was unhappy, only I couldn’t really tell you why. Since all my basic needs were being met, I wasn’t very uncomfortable, but I also wasn’t fully ME.” Many women I speak with can relate to Maureen. As we move through our divorce, it’s by taking small steps that we strengthen that muscle of determination to declare all of who we are to the world. Each stepping stone is a rite of passage itself.

As a Divorce Support Coach, Lana Foladare, MA, guides people through the maze of their divorce, helping them stay consistent with their overall values, while making difficult choices that will affect the rest of their lives.

With a Master’s in Psychology, Lana’s goal is to help others come through their divorce as a whole person. She assists her clients in the areas of family changes, communication with the pending ex and lawyer, the legal process, creating social support, and positive emotional support. Clients particularly enjoy Lana’s depth of skill in listening as well as her compassionate sense of joy and humor even during life’s most difficult and critical moments. She lives in Cupertino, CA with her teenage daughter, a cat and a rabbit.


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