The Egg Moon
The Egg Moon
Living the Question
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Ancient wisdom proclaims a teacher will appear when the student is prepared to learn. One is always where one needs to be, at exactly the moment that is required, to experience opportunities in increased awareness. The experiences of Von Goodwin have proven that the explanation of coincidence is nothing more than rationalization when remarkable things happen in one’s life. These remarkable occurrences are often defined as miracles, and yet, the concept of miracles is misleading. The authority each person has in shaping their lives and creating their existence is as real, and as natural as life itself. The miracle then becomes why so many are unconscious to their creative power.

Ancient text commissions those that see a need to act. To enlighten those that are searching, to encourage those that are struggling and to enable those that are eager to pursue their sacred callings. And it is the mission of the author to lead those that are ready to hear to a higher consciousness.

Consciousness is thinking with awareness. And awareness is the realization that there is far more that is experienced than is perceived. Consciousness does not have a speed limit, the mind does. Biologically, the brain processes data from our multiple senses at 400 billion bits of information per second, but we are only aware of 2,000 bits at any one time. That is far less than one percent. In fact, it is 0.0000005% of what is sensed! Moreover, the mind processes information as images. And the rate at which that information is processed is 24 frames per second. We can only see in our brain what we’re able to see, or are conditioned to see. In fact, we only see what we believe is possible, reducing the unbelievable to fantasy and illusion. Perhaps this explains why some of us that are more sensitive to the unconventional can see angels, paranormal entities and other realities. So, the question then becomes, what is it that one is experiencing that one is not seeing?
The reality is that there will always be something there that may not be perceived. And the focus then becomes on what is it that is most critical in discernment, and what is not? The Lenten Moon chronicled a tragic time for me and my sister with my Mother’s death, one that presented a fork in the road with regards to reasoning and reckoning. The decision to become a victim, or to become a participant, was not clear in the beginning. Initially, the response was a natural one for Western thinking and that is to assume the role of one that had been harmed. And in doing so, exact a measure of vengeance. And the peril in doing that is to run the risk of being perpetually stuck in quack mire of self-inflicted guilt and pain; and hence to bear the label of victim.
The other option was to accept what had happened and to view death as a transition and not a final act. And in doing so, life then provides a series of interventions as if stepping stones on a dark path. With each placement of a foot, one anticipates a secure foundation on which to place the other. The Egg Moon, this book, describes several of those steps and the obvious benefits. What may not be so obvious are the actions that fashioned the interventions.
We are taught as children that good intentions shape one’s life. And good intentions are not bad, good intentions are often not manifested into reality. That is, a wish, or a desire implies lack, or something someone does not have, and consequently what one may desire. In the daily course of one’s life, noble thoughts are entertained. These thoughts are expressed in words and the words are followed by actions. So, our thoughts become words and our words become actions and actions become who we are.
It seems simple and straightforward to desire change in who we are and what we do and far too often the terminology – the words – get in the way. A simple statement where one might say, “I want to be successful!” implies a current state of lack of success. And furthermore, the statement becomes a self fulfilling prophecy where the desire becomes the result; creating a type of inability to take action. So, to simply say, “I want…”, is to have. That is, to have a desire for something and not that something.
In all of the examples provided in this book, the concept of Conscious Language was utilized, knowingly, or not. That is, the blending of expectation and gratitude created opportunities of learning and enlightenment. Whether it was the healing of the ruptured disk in my neck, or the finding of a lost book, each incident was preceded by an expectation. Just as science has now hypothesized that space is endless because of the human intent of expecting there to be more, and more space, so it is with living. One is either expecting more, or one is simply hoping there is more. Wanting and hoping creates a victim’s existence, while expecting and gratitude enables one to become a participant and thus to experience more.
One’s mind can be tricky. And what may seem to be harmless sayings such as, “Chocolate is to die for”, or “I can’t believe I am so stupid”, or “I hope I don’t get sick”, or “You broke my heart” are limiting beliefs that have repercussions. And far too often we know from something deep within us that chocolate is not worth that price. And we know from a higher voice that frustration is often the source of self deprecation. And we know from a primeval sense that the cells that comprise the human body have their own consciousness and can provide their own healing. And yet, having an instinctive knowledge of this, we still succumb. Living a life being connected with the Source begins by having words that comes from your lips that reflect higher thoughts of who you really are. When we see ourselves as creators we then become aware that everything we do, and everything we say, and everything we think is part of a manifestation. And understanding this is a powerful tool in one’s existence. It is necessary to become a participant in life. It defines one as creator.
The purpose of this writing is to provide a listing of awakenings. Moments and happenings that either provided flashes of enlightenment or occurrences that sowed slow-growing seeds of awareness. It is not intended to be a sequential accounting of a life, nor is it intended to be writing with heroes and villains. It is what it is; essays of discovery. I asked a select number of friends and associates to preview this writing. There were those that applauded the contents and found answers to very old questions and encouragement to make course corrections in living. And then there were those that didn’t get it at all and that is okay. Even though I found extreme satisfaction in those I could help, those that I didn’t assist meant it was simply not their time. One is not receptive until first there is a perceived need, it is the adage that one can lead a horse to water, but one cannot make it drink.
It is my hope that the words of this book captures the imagination of the reader and becomes a primer for those who are in need of a personal awakening; those that are living their questions.

Von Goodwin is a business consultant, personal coach, and author of books and articles revealing the role of the individual in creation. Since 1985 he has worked with thousands of individuals throughout the US and the Caribbean to rediscover ancient wisdom to enrich their personal lives.

Thought inspiring! You will learn something new each time you read it!
Kim Stegemoller 
This book was different than any other I've ever read. It opened my eyes to a view of our world that I have never considered and has made me want to learn more. The author is right in that when one is ready to learn, the teacher will arrive. I'm now ready to venture into new realms....
Vicki Hollub 
Thought inspiring is the best way to describe this book. It answered questions that had been out there floating forever, but more importantly, created a bunch more.
Amanda Shepherd 

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