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Emily Francis found herself completely lost and consumed with fear and anxiety. She went through extraordinary measures to heal her life and find her own path to the Divine. In her journey, she explores as many healing modalities as she could find including: fire walking, soul recovery, acupuncture, hypnotherapy, psychics, mystics, therapists, religion, medication and everything in between. For anyone who has let fear be the front runner, or who craves a wider view of the spirit world, you are not alone. It is time to make the change.

“Emily Ann Francis shares with us the story of her own remarkable spiritual journey. Her words are filled with hard-won wisdom; we can learn from her experiences.” -Lissa Coffey, author: “What’s Your Dosha, Baby?”

This powerful book will help you live a stress free life by putting knowledge into practice on tools and techniques shared in this book. I highly recommend this book and share it with others. -Neeraj Sabharwal, author of Power Of Stillness

"Emily Francis is truly a wonderful person. What she has to share in this book is written from her own venture into the dark side and coming up into the light. I recommend this book to anyone who may have lost their way and needs to find their own light and strength to truly live their best life." -Jana Kramer (Alex Dupre) from the Television Series: One Tree Hill and Country Music Singer/Songwriter

"I can think of nothing more important in life than "finding faith" and keeping the faith. It is a mystical power that turns on the God Switch in our lives and can change everything. This wonderful book by Emily Francis places the power of Faith at our fingertips, helping us at last to let go of fear." - Neale Donald Walsch -Author of Conversations With God and Contributor to The Secret.

Holy Hell, I do believe I have officially lost my mind! I never thought this story would be me! Never in all of my life did I think that I would write that I've gone completely insane. I always wished to write a book – just not about being a nut! I think it's because I used to be something fun. I used to resemble someone that I was proud of, or at least happy with. Somehow I lost that person along the way, and she was replaced with a total nut job - and yes, sadly, that would be me to whom I'm referring.

I live my life by means of fear. What is it that I’m afraid of the most? Falling out, losing my breath, dropping dead in public (yes, more than in private), making a fool of myself, and letting anyone see that I do not indeed have it together. For the world to find out that 'little miss perky' is full of crap.


Whatever it is that you have allowed to hold you back, I pray with all of my heart that you have found the courage and strength to let it go. You have a precious gift right this minute, and that is life. You have within you the ability to make the change. Remember, “Where there is breath there is hope.” If you can read this book, then I will assume you are still breathing. This means you have the same chance as anybody else to become the person that you have been resisting becoming - because of fear!
You deserve all the good things that life has to off er. Believe me when I say those good things are available to you right now. The only person stopping you is you - and that is no longer necessary. You are an amazing person - no better or worse than any other person on this planet. Once you find your own connection with the Divine, you fully come into the space of knowing that you are not alone, and you never were.
It is your turn to step fully into the light and claim your God given power. It is time to enter into the life of your dreams. The gift of finding faith means that everything you’ve been looking for, you have had within you all along. Once you fully come to this understanding, you will know that you have everything it takes to live the life you were meant to live. No matter how far off the path we may have gotten, the second that we finally understand this, we immediately find ourselves back on the intended path.
You deserve all the treasures that life has to off er. I pray that you take advantage of this, and never take another day for granted. You have everything it takes to make it real. I wish for you a long and healthy life, full of love and joy. I pray that each day that you wake up you feel a sense of gratitude wash over you, and that you become the positive inspiration for everyone else you meet. For you, Fear no longer exists; it has been replaced by Love. Together we can change the world. Believe in the power of your own heart and your own perfect part of this planet. In turn, share your love selflessly. Be the love that you seek. And know that you already are.

Emily A. Francis, PhD is the author of several other books and meditation CD's. She is also the creator of the program: Wake Up To Your Life! To schedule workshops, order products or contact Emily please go to:


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