'Inana Healing
'Inana Healing
Hawaiian Wellness for Life
Perfect Bound Softcover
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'Inana Healing provides fun and practical tools to activate your mind, body, and spirit toward a higher level of enjoyment and inspired program for living through Ancient Hawaiian Healing Tradition. This book invites health seekers to tell personal truths- making true magic in a healthy mind and body. 'Inana teaches you to value your life by providing a glimpse into the Hawaiian Healing process- minus the fear, anxiety, and negative baggage that has exposed us to over time. Finally, the skills you will master in this book may inspire you to become a true asset in the field of human ecology.

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Leilani Anderson, Gerontologist, has served as an Educator, Public Policy Consultant, and Hawaiian Healing Specialist in the fields of aging and brain health for 21 years.

Leilani is the founder and director of 'Inana, a peak performance company based in Dallas, TX. 'Inana specializes in the design and implementation of progressive wellness environments for international spas and resorts, executive retreats, and professional entertainment venues. 'Inana has recently launched Careshifters Healthy Aging Institute, creating opportunities in advocacy, commerce, and contribution for adults born during the Postwar Generation, Baby Boomer, and Gen X markets.


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