Reflections of a Believer
Reflections of a Believer
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In this work Author Victor Emilio Haddad shares experiences that have led him to the absolute conviction of the existence of a Creator, of the immortality of Jesus Christ, and, more importantly, the immortality of the spirit of any human being—that life after death does continue. He makes mention of the history of the papacy, about which it is surprising to learn that many of the heirs of Saint Peter, ostensibly representatives of God, strayed from their pastoral vocation and committed some very reprehensible acts that have cast shadows over the image of the Papacy.

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Victor Emilio Haddad was born in Puebla, Mexico, in 1936. The author of A New Dawn (2005), he is a pragmatic person, immersed in the business of finance and industry. He has over ten years studying about life and human creation.

Reflections of a believer shows the conviction that Victor has of the existence of our creator, he mentions personal experiences and scientific evidence that leads him to his belief. He also digs into history and looks at the horrible acts that some of the popes did by taking advantage of their position of power within the Catholic religion, not caring about its future but rather being selfish and commiting very reprehensible actions.
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