Pocket Guide to Riches
Pocket Guide to Riches
A Formula to Create Money On a Consistent Basis
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Do you want more money in your life? Pocket Guide to Riches/A Formula to Create Money On a Consistent Basis, shows you step by step how to attract money NOW!
Susie Greene shares insights of attracting money through an honest, genuine, sometimes humorous collection of inspiring stories and personal experiences. She reveals how to partner with this Invisible Creative Force that works with us on a consistent basis to delight us with every single thing we want in life, including money! It provides powerful, practical tools to be used towards the success of abundance and living a life of freedom.

In her Pocket Guide to Riches / A Formula to Create Money on a Consistent Basis, Susie Greene has given you a masterpiece on how to attract visible wealth. It is written in a clear and practical way to provide a process that will excite and delight you. Best of all, it works!
John Randolph Price
Author of The Abundance Book

For well over two decades, I’ve been on a spiritual journey, studying metaphysics and the Laws of the Universe in every way possible.. the Law of Attraction, Science of Mind, Abraham, Unity principles, and any thing else I could get my hands on. I’ve done it all. Meditation, workshops, retreats, I’ve read books, chanted, changed my thinking, heck, even walked on fire. But something was missing. I still just couldn’t grasp what everyone was talking about as far as riches. You know, the big Cha-Ching! Creating money. Manifesting abundance. But a year ago, I had one of those a-ha moments that stops you in your tracks. So, I began journaling all that was coming to me, coming through me, and created a “formula” that began to change my life.

At first, I was in a bit of shock! Things were shifting so quickly, it was hard to keep up! In a month I was exhilarated, and in ninety days, I was on my knees, with tears of joy and awe at was happening in my life. It was unbelievable! Magical!

Money was flowing to me in amazing ways! I’d go to my online bank account, and unexpected deposits would be there. Deposits I did not make! I got calls on a consistent basis for work…work I love to do! I received expected checks in the mail, I received unexpected checks in the mail. I received Visa gift cards in the mail…it goes on and on. But it wasn’t just money. It was Divine ideas. Ideas towards creating my life in a way that I never would have anticipated, filled with passion and joy. And people and circumstances were showing up to support those ideas. And the more I focused on the “formula” I had created, the more my wealth grew….and continues to grow.

It doesn’t matter how little you have right now, in this moment. It doesn’t matter if you have NO money. It doesn’t matter what circumstances you have created, if you’re young or old, educated or uneducated. It doesn’t matter what your religious beliefs are. THIS FORMULA WORKS. It will change your life! As surely as you breathe, money will flow to you! Get excited….get very excited! And get ready for money to show up in ways you can’t imagine!

Susie Greene is a minister of the nondenominational Science of Mind Community. She is a mother, business owner, entrepreneur, Abundant Life Consultant and speaker, and is committed to teaching prosperity principles and personal empowerment. Rev. Susie speaks openly about her beliefs and Spirituality in her book "Pocket Guide to Riches" which aims to assist others in achieving more joy, more love, more abundance and an everlasting feeling of true success. She lives in Asheville, North Carolina.
In my opinion, this book is a work of genius!! I love it so much I want to give a copy of it to all my family members... The tone is warm and engaging, and the ideas are well explained and illustrated with examples from the author's life. There is a very personal touch in this book. Greene has managed to turn a serious issue (the lack of money we all experience at some point in our lives) into something lively and humorous. Her enthusiasm is palpable!! This is a fresh and honest book on a timeless subject. Congratulations !! I feel like jumping up and down in my kitchen now :)
Bella Tindale  

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