Hope Reigns - Beyond 2012
Hope Reigns - Beyond 2012
The Real Secret of the End of Time, Ascension Into The 5th Dimension
Perfect Bound Softcover
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The Real Secret of the End of Time, Ascension Into The 5-Dimension

The current events and those in the future do not signify “the end of the world” nor are they a “punishment from God”. They do, however, represent the “end of time”. Most importantly they symbolize the end of the world as we know and understand it. This book provides a message of hope for the dramatic period of darkness that is upon us, and a view into the future as New Terra ascends into the 5-Dimension. It depicts a vision of a world where “heaven on earth” is a reality.

These cycles of time have been announced for centuries in Revelations of the Bible, the Mayan Calendar, and in the oral traditions of most known cultures. While history repeats itself, this is the last age of illusion, which means our evolution into a new level of humanity.

These revelations divided the book into four sections. Section I, discusses the outcome of Earth (Terra) beyond 2012. It is a vision of hope and realization that we are in the process of something greater. It is a New Earth in the 5-Dimension. A time where humanity can levitate, walk on water, communicate telepathically, and much more. Section II, gives us a picture of the devastation about to take place on our planet such as wars, mega tidal waves, gangs, and terrorism of levels never experienced before. This section also forecasts locations that can provide a certain level of safety. These events take place before the Earth ascends into the 5-Dimension. Section III discusses events from our recent history and the very near future. It is here that the point of no return is reached. Section IV, provides some insight into how we can survive these moments of great chaos and create a new future for ourselves. We will be trained to protect ourselves and others, by using the most powerful tool humanity possesses. Most importantly, this book challenges you to make a difference in creating your new world, by taking ownership of your power, and using your voice to make a difference. See how.
Esperanza Rey has a degree in Computer Science and is a Principal Systems Engineer consulting for the Department of Defense. She is also a speaker and teacher helping to pave the way for a new awareness. In the last 30 years she has traveled extensively learning a variety of disciplines and methodologies taught by great master teachers. She has taught for over 15 years in Europe and the US. Esperanza worked with a variety of people including: at-risk-teenagers, prisoners, state police, and the homeless. She is the author of the forth coming book “Rey of Hope Beyond 2012 – The Real Secret of the End of Time, Ascension into the 5-Dimension”, and “Experiences With Angels”. She is the founder of the Research Center for Inner Awareness (RCIA). A center for “New Consciousness New World”.

Esperanza is workshop leaders, ordained priests, and wholistic therapists who have extensive experience in the areas of Past Life Regression, Quantum Healing, Energy Body Expansion, Human and Planetary Clearing, Activation, Protection, and Possession.


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