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This book by author Joe Alfieri contains 77 inspirational verses that will stimulate your imagination and lift your spirit. He is also the author of a small book of essays on positive living titled, Monday Philosophy.

CONTENTS PREFACE Tapestry The Presence The Search Speck Of Time Children Journey Into Light All Paths All Is One Bound In Love Loving Guidance Youth Blueprints For The Fun of It Capsule Awakening Been There Karma The Eternal Promise Nurses Songs To Sing Spectrum Gentleness Divine Thoroughbreds Christmas Message Autumn Mom And Dad Air Synchronicity The Eternal Riddle To Rose The Soul Nature Thanksgiving True Friends The Universe Unseen Forces The Secret U. S. Heroes Who Art Thou Revelation Sunrise Reverie Divine Light Common Bonds Choosing Divine Oneness Divine Heritage Onward And Upward One Rule Pygmalion Reconnect Reincarnation Songbirds The Eternal Spring Thankful Spirit The Goal Tiers Of Beauty Web Of Light Live In The Moment Life’s Hourglass Moving Into Light Masks Evolution Meditation Divine Spirit Know The Workman God, I See Thee Illumination Manifestation God Fountain of Light Faith The Vital The Highest Soul Journeys I AM A New Vista PREFACE These poems were initially written to help me become more aware of the Divine encased in each of us. Spirit responded by turning each original thought and inquiry into music for my soul. All are offered with love and gratitude and joy to everyone who seeks to bring forth the Light from within themselves. Take a little time to reflect on each poem since they are purposefully embedded with positive philosophies; and listen to the silent echoes that freely emerge as pleasant rhapsodies It is my hope that these poems will touch the core of your being as they have mine and move you into a new dimension of spiritual understanding. Note: A summary comment (S.C.) follows each poem designed to highlight its contents.   TAPESTRY We are all individual threads woven into a universal tapestry of beautifu1 colors blanketing the world yet a single thread vibrating at its spectral peak illuminates the entire fabric allowing all to share its glory. S.C. We are humbly grateful to all who have led us toward the Light.

Mr. Alfieri is a former insurance executive who since early  life has been blessed with a number of spiritual  teachers  who have shared either personally or through their writings a wide-berth of light-filled truths.


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