How To Love An Addict
How To Love An Addict
Perfect Bound Softcover
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"How To Love An Addict" is a book filled with practical advice regarding how to love the addict in your life. The book is written from the inner core of life experience as the mother of an addict attempts to understand the effects of addiction in the lives of those who love an addict, but are not suffering from active addiction themselves.
It’s never too late to experience true happiness. You can be happy and feel love and empathy at the same time, for another individual. It takes practice; it takes listening to your inner voice. It takes listening to that faint whisper that speaks to you in the quietest moments, the whisper that most of us cast away or ignore. Learn to listen. One twinge, emotion or feeling is there as a messenger. Please, for your own sake, listen with your ears, with your heart and with your mind.

I am not an expert on addiction. What I have become though, is an expert in managing my own life. I am an expert at making sure that my cup is full. I am an expert at believing that I have made mistakes and forgiven myself for them. I am an expert at making sure I have forgiven others who have wronged me. I am an expert at working toward a higher, richer, better life. I have become my own caretaker, and my own biggest fan.

I still suffer from being a member of the human race, but I think I finally get it. You cannot get drawn into the multitude of little dramas that occur each day. You must peer down from a level of peace and peace of mind, and judge yourself by your response to situations. Risk not responding to every situation, to save yourself; risk responding differently than you ever have, to save yourself; risk losing everything to live a life that is right, a life that is rich and full. Sometimes doing nothing at all is the best response. When you are at peace, the answer will come naturally.

If this seems selfish to you, then you are missing the point entirely. Having and maintaining a better quality of life, only enhances everyone and everything around us. Small miracles occur in a smile, a kind word, or just a gesture of charity. It is okay to be boring. It is okay to take a walk in the evening. It is okay to express your joy when everyone around you is in tears. It is okay to feel good. It is okay to wish for all the riches life has to offer. It is okay to forgive yourself and others. It is okay to leave yesterday in the dust and head for a brand new dawn. It is okay to say no. It is okay, because you are okay.

I was once told that if everyone threw their troubles into a bucket, you would probably reach in and pull yours back. Somebody always has it worse!

The author is an Idaho native, and Native American author. She hopes that by sharing her life experience and the lessons she has learned, you will experience love, peace and harmony in your own life.

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