Inspired Spiritual Wisdom from a cat named Sam-Moo
Inspired Spiritual Wisdom from a cat named Sam-Moo
Zen kitty wisdom for everyday living (it’s not that complicated)
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Inspired Spiritual wisdom from a cat named Sam-Moo. This fun filled and wise book is inspired by my cat Sam-Moo who died in 2010. In the last 10 days of his life I began to pay greater attention to him. He seemed to begin to whisper inspiration and wisdom to me in those last days. As I began to write it down I realized that he surely did have wisdom and inspiration to share. His overall message was simple, we as humans just need to spend more time “being than doing” and just “love” and “chill out.” To him it was really very simple. It is a profound message of inspired wisdom and humor about how to live each day simply and in the moment. Zen kitty wisdom for everyday living.

Sam wisdom #102 As you get older, the moments count more, so chose who you will cuddle up against.

Sam wisdom #103 In your younger days, you really only care about getting your own way.

Sam wisdom #104 But it is in your older days that you realize getting your way is not as important as purring for a nice rub.

Sam wisdom #105 When you expose your belly and are vulnerable, somehow they are vulnerable back.

Sam wisdom #106 I loved my human as much as they loved me, love is always reciprocal and in equal parts, so try loving more and see what you get back.

Sam wisdom #107 I always followed my passion, eating, sleeping and chilling out. You should follow yours.

Sam wisdom #108 Who really likes the sound of a vacuum, is cleaning the house really what you want to be doing in your spare time.

I am a registered nurse by profession and have had interests in writing, healing, art and spirituality for over 25 years. I have learned through my work in nursing that “being” is just as important as “doing”. My cat Sam-Moo continued to teach me this through his life.


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